Sunday, January 25, 2009

Stanton on Carter

Andrew Stanton, director of last years Wall-E is working hard on the John Carter of Mars adaptation for Disney, and I am sincerely hoping he really gets the film made. Yeah it would've been cool if Favreau had been behind the helm, but I have a really good feeling about Stanton. The Pixar team and Disney now, would never have put so much faith in him if he wasn't the right man for the job. Recently he did a quick interview with SciFi Wire that you can check out here.

Since the movie has been tossed around in development hell literally since 1931 it will be nothing short of a small miracle to see it finally get made, but I know I am really looking forward to seeing what the Disney kids can pull together. Big news for me, Stanton confirmed that the film will be live action saying "...there are so many creatures and characters that half of it's going to be CG whether you want it to be [or not], just to realize some of these images that are in the book. But it will feel real. The whole thing will feel very, very believable."

Stanton is "deep into it now" on his second draft of the script, working on pre-production, working on the art direction, and starting to even talk about actors. All great news in my books. The film is slated for a release sometime in 2012 and I for one, can't wait.

I'll defintiely be keeping my eye on this one as it develops.

Outlander poster

Space vikings!!! seriously what else is there to say, If you'll remember I posted a while ago a trailer to a film that snuck well under my radar called Outlander, starring the dashing and pious Jim Caviezel. But now we've got a sweet poster for the stranger in an even stranger land film. This is kind of like a Superman elseworlds story... or maybe like... well I dont know. But hey, a sci-fi film that plays like Pathfinder can't be all bad, right?! Besides its got jesus power behind it! Check out this new poster :)

The original poster can be seen here., but I know we all prefer floating heads :) From Latino Review: “Outlander” begins when a space craft crashes into the majestic fjords of ancient Norway and into the time of the Vikings. From the wreckage emerge two bitter enemies: a soldier from another world – Kainan (James Caviezel) – and a bloodthirsty creature known as the Moorwen. Man and monster both seeking revenge for violence committed against them. As the Moorwen ravages the Viking world, killing everything in its path, Kainan forms an unlikely alliance with the primitive but fierce warriors. Combining his advanced technology with ancient Iron Age weapons, the hero leads a desperate attempt to kill the monster - before it destroys them all." The movie comes out Jan 23rd...

Warchmen legal nonsense settled

So a lots been going on in the geek film world, but one of the best pieces of news in a while is the word that Warner's and FOX have finally resolved their conflict over the Watchmen film.

If you'll remember it was over a rights issue. Basically FOX had the rights to the comic, Warner's the film, but it wasn't clear that Warner's could made the film without the consent of FOX. You have to wonder, since the suit wasn't even brought up publicly until after the film was well in the can if FOX knew about it all along and just wanted to wait for Warner to foot the bill then sweep in and take a cut, or if it really was just an oversight. Regardless, it looks like that's just about exactly whats happened as FOX and Warner reached a settlement deal, behind closed doors, before the judge had to make a public decision, most likely ordering Warner's to pay up anyhow. The really good part about this news: there will be no delay, no hesitations nothing to hinder or impede the release of the film now. So ultimately, we're the ones that win out. Although that said, I've no doubt some legal heads have rolled over this snafu at Warners.

From the trades though it seems the two companies are putting on an amicable face to the public. Care of Latino Review ne the trades, "Warner Bros. acknowledges that Fox acted in good faith in bringing its claims, which were asserted prior to the start of principal photography," the statement read. "Fox acknowledges that Warner Bros. acted in good faith defending against those claims."

See how nice and friendly that sounds... everyone wins, especially us. yay!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Street Fighter movie trailer

Well, this is kind of unexpected. I mean, I knew the Street Fighter movie was coming out soon, but I definitely didn't expect the trailer to be so... normal. Is it just me or is this trailer kind of boring?!


Joes play ball

It's also been confirmed that G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra will air its first commercial at this years Superbowl. I think I'm definitely going to have to check that out now :)

From the new toy packaging:
"G.I. Joe is a highly trained, classified Special Operations Unit composed of men and woman from around the globe. Officially, these warriors don't even exist. Few know the truth - that G.I. Joe fights a secret war, as the first and last line of defence against forces that seek to plunge our world into chaos. Wherever there's trouble, G.I. Joe is there!"

TF:ROTF Poster

Well its finally here. No, not the film, but the poster! for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. A very ominous looking, is that Megatron? Galvatron maybe? I suppose I should go out and read the sequel, and prequel comics from IDW.... ah well. Reports are that the first ROTF commercial will air during the superbowl. Sweet deal :)

Oh and from my favorite site, TFW2005, check out this great battle damaged Optimus pic.

BSG season 1

I have to say it, and I know I wont be alone here; but Battlestar Galactica is a fracking awesome show. I don't know why I never got around to it before now. I've had the first season on dvd for some time, and watched about 4 episodes then got distracted, as you do, and never quite got back to it. But I am VERY glad I did now. Event though Erica and I actually got Netflix for Christmas this year, we've started actually finding time to watch movies and tv again. Including dvds that have been sitting around for 2 years. Maybe its just that we're finally really starting to be settled into our new home, or maybe its just appreciating the lull before the baby storm arrives in a few weeks, but it has really been very nice. Of course we've both been super busy getting ready for the baby, but I'm glad we're finding time for some other stuff too.

As for Battlestar, well I know one or two spoilers, which I wish I didn't, but I don't really know too much, and I am definitely enjoying it. I do not know who is a cylon, so please don't tell me. we're just three episodes into season two now, and its getting better and better. I think I remember some people complaining that it didn't stand up to the test going into season 3 or 4, but for now, the show definitely has not disappointed. For my money the best characters are Dr Gaius Baltar, and Helio. Hopefully they last and don't get killed off.

If for some reason like me you never saw the show, I'd definitely encourage you to check it out. I'm a pretty big sci fi nerd and this is really wonderful stuff. Lots of drama, lots of action, with robots and political intrigue, and mythology built right in. Very fun. I'm hoping that we can catch up and get ready in time for the new show in the fall. I think I read its a prequel show.

Anyhow, I just thought I'd share.

Dragonball: Evolution trailer

I'm sorry, but to me Dragonball just looks.... stupid. I mean I guess it could be fun. Mortal Kombat: Annihilation has a special place in my heart. But its not a good sign when that's the best reference I can think of...