Sunday, May 10, 2009

G.I. Joe Resolute

A few days ago I watched G.I. Joe Resolute, the newest G.I. Joe story in this post Valor vs Venom age, and I have to say it was really great! I am excited and kinda scared about the new live action movie set to come out this summer, but in the meantime the cartoon side of things look like they're on the right track. I hope we'll get to see more cartoons in the Joe universe like Resolute. And with the re-spawned interest, the 3 new comic books, and the movie this summer I think we're in for a pretty good ride. 

Resolute picks up with the Joe team in modern day, but keeps all of the same stuff we loved abut the classic series. That said, it actually works in a modern sense. This isn't any Sigma Six bullshit, this is seriously just a good time. Joes are bad asses, COBRA are really evil messed up terrorists, and finally people can die, as evidenced by the two surprising deaths in the very first part.

The entire 'film' is about an hour long, maybe an hour and change. It aired all together on Adult Swim a few weeks ago, but has also been split into webisodes for your convenience. No doubt a dvd will come out soon enough. But you might as well watch it here, because its awesome and I said so. Oh and if that doesn't convince you, it was written by comic genius Warren Ellis. Here is part one of eleven...

And here you go with the rest

Pretty sweet stuff, and well worth the time. I hope our liked it as much as I did. Doesn't it make you want to see even more :)

D9 trailer and more

So Neill Blomkamp, the man Peter Jackson had picked to direct the Halo movie now has this District 9 movie coming out. If you'll remember a few years ago, Neill had made a short film about this very same subject, called Alive in Joburg. Well I'm really happy to see this make it in the world of the feature. Check out this trailer for District 9.

Oh, and if you think the aliens are all bad, think again. Watch the end of this trailer, unblurred, and translated. Then hed over to MNU Spreads Lies and have your voice heard.

District 9 comes out Aug 14th, and I think it looks great. Here's hoping Blomkamp's next film is based on another of his shorts Tetra Vaal.