Saturday, December 27, 2008

a dream story

Ugh. just had to get u. Its like 6am. I should be sleeping, but ever since we moved I've been having back problems on our mattress. Its the exact same mattress that I wasn't having any issues with for the past 2 years, so its kind of annoying to say the least. I think probably the bed got flipped when we moved and so now its on a side and direction that I'm totally not good with. I think I'll need to flip it back. How stupidly complicated is that?! 

Also I was having off and on bad dreams. The thing about bad dreams with me, is that its always kind of funny. I get scared by weird stuff. Like I'm much more likely not to be scared of the real world threat. So while normal people have nightmares about a serial killer coming and attacking them, I have dreams about ghosts and monsters and space aliens.

Today I dreamed that I was trapped in a house (standard set up for a number of the bad dreams I've had, and of course classic horror movies) and I was part of a team of guys trying to stop another team of bad guys. Basically imagine 4 on 4 deathmatch in a house. I think I was flipping perspective between my team members, so I suppose a video game analogy is closest to accurate. Anyhow, I'm trapped in one of the end rooms, with a gun thankfully, and what comes in the door behind me but a white chinese dragon. I freak obviously, and am glad I've got the gun, and not the pool cue anymore. I shoot at the lead guy that I can almost see under the head of the dragon costume,  but its a dummy a trick so that the real enemy can slip in the room under one of the body sections without me seeing. BUT I'm too quick for them I realize this and start scanning the body of the dragon costume for my real enemy. And what shape do I see?? who is my enemy thats trying to kill me that I have to kill? Scar, from the lion king.

I know! scary right! I'm not talking about a cartoon lion here, I'm talking a real live lion. Like if someone took Scar and made the cartoon real.... actually I have a sneaking suspicion that everyone in the dream was a character from somewhere.... anyhow, for all intents and purposes I'm about to be attacked by a lion, so I shoot him twice in the side and start running. I go back past him and down to the other end of the hallway. This is the second story of the building and I don't want to go back downstairs because there are other bad guys waiting. Also I haven't seen anyone else from my team in a while. So I go to the end of this hallway and into a room. Scanning to make sure its safe I collect myself a bit. It doesn't sound like Scar chased me out of the room.  So now I'm wondering what am I supposed to do. I can't go downstairs, I've used all the bullets and am now back to a pool cue as a weapon and I don't know which way to go.  So I decide to head back to the room with Scar. hopefully he's dead, and when it comes down to facing a possibly dead lion, or 4 guys with guns downstairs, the lion seemed better.

So I head back to the room with Scar and I see him right near the door, covered by the white dragon costume still. And being the super smart guy I am, I decide to poke the body to make sure he's really dead. I mean ultimately I'd rather not go into a room with a lion just pretending to be dead to lure me in... So I reach out with the pool cue and whack the body a few times. And what do I get for my troubles, but he starts moving, he was just stunned and I woke him up. Great. I freak obviously. I mean I can't fight a lion with a pool cue, so I lock the door I'm standing at and head back to the room at the other end of the hall. Even though its an inside door to the room with the lion, it has big decorative glass panes on it, so I can see through. Unfortunately that also means Scar can too.

Peaking out from around the corner of the door frame at the end of the hall I look and see Scar standing up again in front of the door, pacing a little, and pissed. I duck away because I don't want him to see me but then I hear from downstairs the other badguys talking. They're going to head up and flush out whoevers left from my team. Not good. Either way I'm trapped. Bad guys heading up the stairs at the one end of the hall, and an angry injured lion who is specifically pissed off at me for shooting him waiting for me at the other.

Thats the point I woke up and decided that my back was hurting too much to stay lying down. Instead I got up, had a hot shower to try to help it and sat down to write this. My back feels a little better now. But its still early I' going to go play some Mario 64 I think.



Devon D. said...

Geoff....stay away from the brown acid. Glad to see a couple of new posts on the blog. Happy New Year to you and E. On Hold podcast shall return...we gotta at least make it to the epic episode 100. Then you can go and do all that baby-raising stuff....hahhahaha.

intelligence said...
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