Friday, June 30, 2006

I'm so excited

Hooray! its like 4:05pm Friday afternoon. The weekend is almost upon us, and I am totally stoked. I, along with a whole mess of other people are heading down to Santa Cruz for the long weekend... Actually it's not technically a long weekend. My work isn't giving Monday off, but screw that, I'm taking it off and giving myself a nice loooong weekend.

Beachfront property, really big house, hottub, BBQ, like 10 friends, just kickin it in the sun.... I'm very very happy to be getting the heck outta Dodge this weekend. And then back agian for the 4th and maybe check out some fireworks. Yay!

Last night I recorded another cool episode on On Hold... with Devon. Check it out if you get a chance. Other than that, I'll see you all next week.

Fully Ramblomatic

Hey kids,
So someone just sent me a link to this funny British website called Fully Ramblomatic
Found at

I haven't really looked around the site much but Yhatzee (thats the man behind the site) has some really great looking articles in the Features section including the extremely funny...

Click on the image to check it out. :)

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Transformers teaser drops

Huge I tell you. This is gonna be huge...

Check out the teaser trailer over at the official website:

IN 2003






7 . 4 . 7

Spider-Man 3 Trailer

I'm sorry but have you guys seen this yet???

I know I've linked to it twice already on this blog, but DAMN it is very cool...
I put it on my iPod and watched it like 4 times in a row this morning.

Here's a link to apple's Spidey Trailer page with bigger, smaller, and poddable versions for download

A couple things to note. it looks like they're definately going full out on the Venom story, as well as Green Goblin 2, and Sandman. The rumor is that there's another villian, a fourth one, but who is it? Carnage? Electro? or maybe like Spider-man himself. I'm pretty interested to find out how the film plays out. I love the trailer, the classic Venom belltower scene is in there, the effects for Sandman look great, and I really like how the black suit looks. I'm not sure about how that black ooze was moveing really, and I know I'm not thrilled about Maguire's hair being all black and dorky looking, but those are nitpicks. I guess Peters going to propose to MJ in this one too, or else that LOTR shot doesn't make much sense. Anyhow, looks great to me, I can't wait until next year.

Excuse me, but are you the King of the Sea?

Do you like comics? Ever wanted to be a voice in a video game?

Well now all you're geek dreams can come true. The highly anticipated new game from Activision, Marvel Ultimate Alliance is holding open casting calls for the voices of Namor: the Sub Mariner and Jean Grey (of X-Men fame).

I personally always really liked Namor. He was bad, then he was good, then bad again. Always misunderstood, he was written better than Aquaman and probably worked well because he was more of a mystery than a lot of villians. I still don't understand why he got so hung up on the Invisible Woman, but eh to each his own I guess. Check out his WIKI for more.

This contest is pretty cool if you ask me. Activision looks to be making a great game too. It inculdes like pretty much EVERY Marvel character ever invented with more than 20 playable charcaters, and what appears to be a suped up version of the awesome X-Men Legends engine. See more on the game HERE. Anyhow, the contest is just that a contest. The winner doesn't technically get "paid", but they do win a copy of the game, a poster signed by Stan Lee, a pack of Ultimate Alliance trading cards (hahaha), and a trip to LA where they will record their lines and meet the game producers. Well, I know thats kinda cheap, but hey its pretty cool for a fanboy.

Check out the MUA Offical website for more entry details.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

All Your Base - Revisited

For reasons I won't bother getting into right now someone at work just sent me the link to

All Your Base Are Belong to Us

I havent seen the video in probably a good year now, and I have to say it really still puts a smile on my face. I think I was first turned onto it from Waveman, (but maybe I saw it before I knew him...) Anyhow I just wanted to let you know that if anyone for some reason hasn't seen it before, Go and check it out. It's a cultural phenomenon not to be missed...

Superman Returns

Last night I got to see Superman Returns with some friends. Yes I know, it was a day early and very exciting. And because I know you're all wondering: yes, I really really enjoyed the film, it was a hell of a lot of fun and easy to get swept up by.

This morning however I got on the train to commute to work, and met up with another friend who was at the very same screening as me, who really didnt like the film. I don't want to be a downer but it's always weird to see the same film with someone, a friend that you usually agree with, and have totally different reactions to it. Understand first, that we weren't sitting togeteher and I guess his seat was pretty darn bad. So that surely made a something of a difference. He said that he couldn't hear much of the dialogue that was spoken quietly, and heard almost none of the music cues. And we dinfintely both had "issues" with the seats in the theater, but it just really surprised and I guess dissapointed that he didn't have anything close to the same experience as me with the film. You'll know that if you've ever heard a film without the music track, it makes a HUGE difference in how involved you can be with the world. That said, He had some pretty legitimate concerns about the film too, that I was (thankfully) completely oblivious to while watching.

Last night I was jazzed up so I wrote a quick review on Flixter, very positive. But then after my conversation this morning I've had to go back and rewrite it. But I'm pretty sure I've got it all sorted out now
... at least until I see the film again. There are in fact some problems with the film, most significantly that a number of elements don't totally make sense, plotwise, and motivationally. Other than that its definitely debatable whether it was a good idea for Singer to continue the series rather than relaunching it. There is a time and a place for silver age Superman, and this film, as far as I've read, is nothing like in the current comics.

Instead of writing a whole new and different review here's what I just re-wrote on Flixter:

First and foremost, Superman Returns is a lot of fun. Referencing, at least tonally, the Reeves films, it doesn't so much re-launch the series but rather continues it. A friend of mine called this film the perfect Superman III. The question of weather that's a good thing or not is debatable though. The action is muted throughout, and while it is there, Superman spends a lot more time saving people from falling off bridges, or natural disasters than beating up on supervillians. In fact, there is hardly any direct confrontation between Supes and Lex, which is a shame because the actors do such a fantastic job overall. I came in with a lot of misgivings about Routh from the trailers, but rest assured he really owns the roll. And Spacey practically channels Gene Hackman. I loved the dramatic tension, elevated by a truly marvelous score, but upon more critical analysis I'm not sure the characters motivations, or even elements of the plot actually make much sense. Strangely though this didn't detract from my viewing enjoyment at all. Ultimately Superman was as I said; a lot of fun. I was engrossed by the story, the fantastic effects, and the tension. There really may be some legitimate concerns about the film, but I didn't have any problem letting myself get swept up by the story. It's definitely worth seeing, and on the big screen too. So overall, while I'm not sure it was a great film, I still really loved it. And I hope you will too :)

So for now I think I'm done here. I do really want to recomend this film to people. There were moments, I mean some really amazing moments while watching that I was completely enwrapped but the story, totally involved. And it was great. I mean, despite any flaws, this IS Superman, and he will always hold a pretty special place in my heart.

Maybe the best part about seeing this film the next time: I'll get to see the Spider-Man 3 trailer in front of it :) Anyhow, I hope people are liking the blog so far; if so drop me a comment. Later.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Photo Test Post

This is a test post for my Photos :)

k, I think I got it now...

A collection of internet geekyness

So as you might or might not know... I am a pretty big geek at times. Also, I am really into movies, tv, and cartoons. Here are a couple really cool things I've seen recently on internet that I'd like to share...

These are both photos of Bumblebee from the new 'live action' Transformers movie...
Yes thats right, I said the new, 'live-action' Transformers movie! It's being directed by Michael Bay and is filming right now out in the Nevada desert somewhere. It's set for release 07/04/07.
Click on these images for a bigger version. I don't know why they made him a Mustang instead of of VW bug. Too bad if yiou ask me. Still I've very excited to see the film :)
Check out this supercool one-sheet:

Their War, Our World.
very cool.

Next up a pic of the new Legion of Superheroes cartoon:

Left - Right:
Phantom Girl, Brainiac 5, Saturn Girl, Superboy, Cosmic Boy, Timberwolf, and Bouncing Boy

coming this Fall the the Kids WB.
Here's the WIKI.

Now that Justice League is over Legion will just have to fill up my TV time...
Or, at least it will until the new
Fantastic Four cartoon starts this fall. Marvel is also producing a Wolverine spinn-off cartoon, but I don't think that will come out until 2007. Unfortunately no pics of those yet :(

But check this pic out for the upcoming two direct to dvd Hellboy animated movies...

Very sweet. Not sure when its starting, probably '07, but I'm definately excited to see it.

Finally, a few quick things:

The picture on the left is the teaser poster for the new CG animated
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie coming next year. And the second pic is the cover for the next animated Ultimate Avengers film, hitting dvd on 08/08/06. If it's anywhere near as cool as the first it'll be great. D.D.D. has it on pre-order for $12.38. Good deal.

Finally, some links for you:
Just hitting the web TODAY is the trailer for one of the most anticipated movies of next summer SPIDER-MAN 3.
Next is the BRAND NEW Snakes on a Plane Trailer.
And here is a trailer for the direct-to-dvd movie you've all been waiting for...
Leprechaun vs Wishmaster.
And last but not least don't forget that tomorrow night at 10pm on Spike TV is the hour long premiere of Blade the series. Hopefully it'll be as cool as the films were. But I admit I'm nervous.

Wow that was a collection of like uber-geekyness. Please forgive me. This is anew blog. I've gotten that out of my system now. I won't be overloading you all with that much stuff normally. Trust me. Better go now. Lates.

Lack of Funds Blues

I kinda hate the fact that I never seem to have any money. Its so amazingly lame. I know that I make fine money, I mean for a Joe Job it's fine, and I get great benifits, but I live and interact with all these people who are at just this other level of cashflow than me. It's hard to be at the lower end of cash with your friends. I end up like I am now, living for the most part to my means. I still do pretty much what I want to, but unless I budget really well, which I've always been terrible at, I'm not saving much at all.

Thankfully I have a fantastic and smart girlfriend who can help me figure out my money. And I am by in large starting to save something. But in terms of savings $1000 really isn't going to get me far in this life .... Anyhow, I know I'm getting somewhere; slowly. I guess I just hate it when things creep up on me, like they did this morning. Basically I realized that Hey I've only got like $60 for the next 2 weeks, and I'm off to Santa Cruz for a fun filled long weekend... gee that'll definately work out great.... (that's supposed to be sarcastic biatch).


Monday, June 26, 2006

Sailing Pics

Check these pics from Sailing out...

The City
The City



Super Fun Action Monkey (aka the weekend)

Wow I had a crazy action packed weekend.

On Friday I wen't to see the newest Swedish glam rock sensation The Ark over at Cafe du Nord. Very cool band. The lead guy, Ola I believe, was a total RAWKSTAR. He posed alot, thrust a lone defiant fist in the air, and embraced the metrosexual glam image to a tee. At one point he even came out shirtless wearing black angel wings to sing a ballad. It was charming, and the energy from the band really fed the crowd perfectly. Honestly you really had to just go with it, I can't help it, I really dig alt-pop a lot.

On Saturday Erica, and me along with another couple went to see a play here called Beach Blanket Babylon. Very good show. Its one of those plays that supposedly define the city. Been playing here for something like 30 years. It's a topical semi-political play about a young woman looking for true love all over the world. Most of the jokes are actually more about pop culture with a lot of shorter sight gags incorporated. I thought it was funny overall, although I really felt like I could see the history of the show in it. Sort of how you can tell when you're watching an old episode of Saturday Night Live. Although every onnce and a while something fresh would pop up. Still funny, just not super fresh all the time.

Then on Sunday I went out sailing on The Bay for like 4 hours with Erica, our friend Daniel and some of his friends; and wow was it ever fantastic! I haven't been sailing in years, and even when I was sailing a fair bit as a youngun I never had much experience on larger boats (I was always in little Lazers, or Bites). So this was really special. We left from Richmond and basically went past Angel island, down to the city front along the Embarcadaro, up to the Bay Bridge and then raced back again through the middle of the bay, pushed on by the hurricane like winds funneled through the bridge and the mouth of the bay. It was really a fun time, just chillin on the deck and enjoying the surf. :) I'll post some pics when I can.

When we got home last night we watched What About Bob? on dvd, 'cause I just got it at Target (a steal at $5.50) and also my gf hadn't seen it before. Very good film. It honestly holds up well over the years too. Bull Murray is just a damn funny guy. I'm SAILING too!!!

k, that's all kids, talk later. Peace.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

First Posts Suck

I really don't like first posts on blogs. they're always so lame...

"Hi I'm a great person please love my blog, and by extension love me ... PLEEEASE... " At least thats what it often seems to me. I will admit that there is some value to knowing the vitals though. But that's the fundamental problem with the first post, you actually need an introduction to get into the groove of someone mid. But unlike a normal introduction there's no intermediary person saying "Clive, I'd like you to meet Claudia. Claudia this is Clive." So ultimately in this scenario I'm Clive. and you (Claudia), have no clue who I am, I mean I could be a total crazy person. But I'm here standing around and I can't even see if you have good taste in clothes so I'm stuck like an idiot not knowing what or how to act, and I end up stammering something lame about how "isn't it ironic that both our first names start with a C... hehe " yeeah. Exactly. Welcome to lamesville, population me.

So to that end I'm gonna make this short and sweet. get it done and move along.
My names Geoff, I'm 28, from Toronto, Onatrio, CANADA, but I'm living in the States now, San Francisco to be precise. Hence the Adventures in a Strange Land title of this blog. I like movies, comics, podcasts, cartoons, games, reading, camping, hiking, running, hanging out with my girfriend Erica, and surfing the internet.

I've been blogging off and on for the past 4 years now. I currently am hosting a pop culture based podcast called On Hold... with my buddy Devon. I'd love it if you wanted to check it out at or just search on iTunes for On Hold... I've got a lame job working as a corporate operator/receptionist for a biggish company down in Silicon Valley. I'm really trying to find something else but its pretty tough here, also the fact that I dont have many tangible skills probably plays into it. I'm not an idiot, but I went to film school... so there you go. maybe I am kind of an idiot ;) Thats all for me for now. I've been feeling lately like I'd like to talk more than I have been so hence this fancy new blog.

This is me, if you want to see more of me check out my podcasts Frappr page:

Sorry if I sounded a bit aggravated there. Like I said, I don't really like first posts...
Lame or not though - First post done.