Thursday, June 22, 2006

First Posts Suck

I really don't like first posts on blogs. they're always so lame...

"Hi I'm a great person please love my blog, and by extension love me ... PLEEEASE... " At least thats what it often seems to me. I will admit that there is some value to knowing the vitals though. But that's the fundamental problem with the first post, you actually need an introduction to get into the groove of someone mid. But unlike a normal introduction there's no intermediary person saying "Clive, I'd like you to meet Claudia. Claudia this is Clive." So ultimately in this scenario I'm Clive. and you (Claudia), have no clue who I am, I mean I could be a total crazy person. But I'm here standing around and I can't even see if you have good taste in clothes so I'm stuck like an idiot not knowing what or how to act, and I end up stammering something lame about how "isn't it ironic that both our first names start with a C... hehe " yeeah. Exactly. Welcome to lamesville, population me.

So to that end I'm gonna make this short and sweet. get it done and move along.
My names Geoff, I'm 28, from Toronto, Onatrio, CANADA, but I'm living in the States now, San Francisco to be precise. Hence the Adventures in a Strange Land title of this blog. I like movies, comics, podcasts, cartoons, games, reading, camping, hiking, running, hanging out with my girfriend Erica, and surfing the internet.

I've been blogging off and on for the past 4 years now. I currently am hosting a pop culture based podcast called On Hold... with my buddy Devon. I'd love it if you wanted to check it out at or just search on iTunes for On Hold... I've got a lame job working as a corporate operator/receptionist for a biggish company down in Silicon Valley. I'm really trying to find something else but its pretty tough here, also the fact that I dont have many tangible skills probably plays into it. I'm not an idiot, but I went to film school... so there you go. maybe I am kind of an idiot ;) Thats all for me for now. I've been feeling lately like I'd like to talk more than I have been so hence this fancy new blog.

This is me, if you want to see more of me check out my podcasts Frappr page:

Sorry if I sounded a bit aggravated there. Like I said, I don't really like first posts...
Lame or not though - First post done.


Anonymous said...

Buddy... your first post rocked! It was so non-mainstream. Like it made me want to come back for more and more and more.
The picture is a bit silly looking...nice pose!!!... they're so 1998.

Anonymous said...

so i was going to start back at the beginning again..but i'd already been there! sheesh.