Monday, June 26, 2006

Super Fun Action Monkey (aka the weekend)

Wow I had a crazy action packed weekend.

On Friday I wen't to see the newest Swedish glam rock sensation The Ark over at Cafe du Nord. Very cool band. The lead guy, Ola I believe, was a total RAWKSTAR. He posed alot, thrust a lone defiant fist in the air, and embraced the metrosexual glam image to a tee. At one point he even came out shirtless wearing black angel wings to sing a ballad. It was charming, and the energy from the band really fed the crowd perfectly. Honestly you really had to just go with it, I can't help it, I really dig alt-pop a lot.

On Saturday Erica, and me along with another couple went to see a play here called Beach Blanket Babylon. Very good show. Its one of those plays that supposedly define the city. Been playing here for something like 30 years. It's a topical semi-political play about a young woman looking for true love all over the world. Most of the jokes are actually more about pop culture with a lot of shorter sight gags incorporated. I thought it was funny overall, although I really felt like I could see the history of the show in it. Sort of how you can tell when you're watching an old episode of Saturday Night Live. Although every onnce and a while something fresh would pop up. Still funny, just not super fresh all the time.

Then on Sunday I went out sailing on The Bay for like 4 hours with Erica, our friend Daniel and some of his friends; and wow was it ever fantastic! I haven't been sailing in years, and even when I was sailing a fair bit as a youngun I never had much experience on larger boats (I was always in little Lazers, or Bites). So this was really special. We left from Richmond and basically went past Angel island, down to the city front along the Embarcadaro, up to the Bay Bridge and then raced back again through the middle of the bay, pushed on by the hurricane like winds funneled through the bridge and the mouth of the bay. It was really a fun time, just chillin on the deck and enjoying the surf. :) I'll post some pics when I can.

When we got home last night we watched What About Bob? on dvd, 'cause I just got it at Target (a steal at $5.50) and also my gf hadn't seen it before. Very good film. It honestly holds up well over the years too. Bull Murray is just a damn funny guy. I'm SAILING too!!!

k, that's all kids, talk later. Peace.


Anonymous said...

Bull Murray? euphemism? though i'm not sure what for...
2 down.... hundreds upon hundreds to go...

oh seriously thinking of restarting a site...we'll see.


Chappy said...

Bill Murray isn't a euphemism... although he probably should be.

"hey guy, don't be such a Bill Murray"

"He was gettin in my face so I Bill Murrayed im."

"We sure Bill Murrayed through that one..."

"go Bill Murray yourself"