Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Superman Returns

Last night I got to see Superman Returns with some friends. Yes I know, it was a day early and very exciting. And because I know you're all wondering: yes, I really really enjoyed the film, it was a hell of a lot of fun and easy to get swept up by.

This morning however I got on the train to commute to work, and met up with another friend who was at the very same screening as me, who really didnt like the film. I don't want to be a downer but it's always weird to see the same film with someone, a friend that you usually agree with, and have totally different reactions to it. Understand first, that we weren't sitting togeteher and I guess his seat was pretty darn bad. So that surely made a something of a difference. He said that he couldn't hear much of the dialogue that was spoken quietly, and heard almost none of the music cues. And we dinfintely both had "issues" with the seats in the theater, but it just really surprised and I guess dissapointed that he didn't have anything close to the same experience as me with the film. You'll know that if you've ever heard a film without the music track, it makes a HUGE difference in how involved you can be with the world. That said, He had some pretty legitimate concerns about the film too, that I was (thankfully) completely oblivious to while watching.

Last night I was jazzed up so I wrote a quick review on Flixter, very positive. But then after my conversation this morning I've had to go back and rewrite it. But I'm pretty sure I've got it all sorted out now
... at least until I see the film again. There are in fact some problems with the film, most significantly that a number of elements don't totally make sense, plotwise, and motivationally. Other than that its definitely debatable whether it was a good idea for Singer to continue the series rather than relaunching it. There is a time and a place for silver age Superman, and this film, as far as I've read, is nothing like in the current comics.

Instead of writing a whole new and different review here's what I just re-wrote on Flixter:

First and foremost, Superman Returns is a lot of fun. Referencing, at least tonally, the Reeves films, it doesn't so much re-launch the series but rather continues it. A friend of mine called this film the perfect Superman III. The question of weather that's a good thing or not is debatable though. The action is muted throughout, and while it is there, Superman spends a lot more time saving people from falling off bridges, or natural disasters than beating up on supervillians. In fact, there is hardly any direct confrontation between Supes and Lex, which is a shame because the actors do such a fantastic job overall. I came in with a lot of misgivings about Routh from the trailers, but rest assured he really owns the roll. And Spacey practically channels Gene Hackman. I loved the dramatic tension, elevated by a truly marvelous score, but upon more critical analysis I'm not sure the characters motivations, or even elements of the plot actually make much sense. Strangely though this didn't detract from my viewing enjoyment at all. Ultimately Superman was as I said; a lot of fun. I was engrossed by the story, the fantastic effects, and the tension. There really may be some legitimate concerns about the film, but I didn't have any problem letting myself get swept up by the story. It's definitely worth seeing, and on the big screen too. So overall, while I'm not sure it was a great film, I still really loved it. And I hope you will too :)

So for now I think I'm done here. I do really want to recomend this film to people. There were moments, I mean some really amazing moments while watching that I was completely enwrapped but the story, totally involved. And it was great. I mean, despite any flaws, this IS Superman, and he will always hold a pretty special place in my heart.

Maybe the best part about seeing this film the next time: I'll get to see the Spider-Man 3 trailer in front of it :) Anyhow, I hope people are liking the blog so far; if so drop me a comment. Later.


Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure how interested I am in seeing Super redux 2. what am I most excited about? I just don't know ... page 47 is intriguing to me.

really it is.. depressing I know.


Chappy said...

Well now that JLA has been shelved until a post writers strike world, Superman: Man of Steel should be able to move forward a bit quicker. And I have to say I'm excited. Theres not word on whether Bryan Singer will be actually able to return with his busy schedule, but the film is reportedly going to start the badguy Brainiac (who is absolutely awesome in the comics), and will have a lot more fighting and action. If anything thats what this first film lacked.

I am def looking forward to a sequel, I have faith that the wrongs can be righted :)

... whats on page 47?