Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A collection of internet geekyness

So as you might or might not know... I am a pretty big geek at times. Also, I am really into movies, tv, and cartoons. Here are a couple really cool things I've seen recently on internet that I'd like to share...

These are both photos of Bumblebee from the new 'live action' Transformers movie...
Yes thats right, I said the new, 'live-action' Transformers movie! It's being directed by Michael Bay and is filming right now out in the Nevada desert somewhere. It's set for release 07/04/07.
Click on these images for a bigger version. I don't know why they made him a Mustang instead of of VW bug. Too bad if yiou ask me. Still I've very excited to see the film :)
Check out this supercool one-sheet:

Their War, Our World.
very cool.

Next up a pic of the new Legion of Superheroes cartoon:

Left - Right:
Phantom Girl, Brainiac 5, Saturn Girl, Superboy, Cosmic Boy, Timberwolf, and Bouncing Boy

coming this Fall the the Kids WB.
Here's the WIKI.

Now that Justice League is over Legion will just have to fill up my TV time...
Or, at least it will until the new
Fantastic Four cartoon starts this fall. Marvel is also producing a Wolverine spinn-off cartoon, but I don't think that will come out until 2007. Unfortunately no pics of those yet :(

But check this pic out for the upcoming two direct to dvd Hellboy animated movies...

Very sweet. Not sure when its starting, probably '07, but I'm definately excited to see it.

Finally, a few quick things:

The picture on the left is the teaser poster for the new CG animated
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie coming next year. And the second pic is the cover for the next animated Ultimate Avengers film, hitting dvd on 08/08/06. If it's anywhere near as cool as the first it'll be great. D.D.D. has it on pre-order for $12.38. Good deal.

Finally, some links for you:
Just hitting the web TODAY is the trailer for one of the most anticipated movies of next summer SPIDER-MAN 3.
Next is the BRAND NEW Snakes on a Plane Trailer.
And here is a trailer for the direct-to-dvd movie you've all been waiting for...
Leprechaun vs Wishmaster.
And last but not least don't forget that tomorrow night at 10pm on Spike TV is the hour long premiere of Blade the series. Hopefully it'll be as cool as the films were. But I admit I'm nervous.

Wow that was a collection of like uber-geekyness. Please forgive me. This is anew blog. I've gotten that out of my system now. I won't be overloading you all with that much stuff normally. Trust me. Better go now. Lates.


Anonymous said...

how did that transformers movie turn out anyway? any good?


Chappy said...

Read my Transformers review and find out...