Thursday, June 29, 2006

Excuse me, but are you the King of the Sea?

Do you like comics? Ever wanted to be a voice in a video game?

Well now all you're geek dreams can come true. The highly anticipated new game from Activision, Marvel Ultimate Alliance is holding open casting calls for the voices of Namor: the Sub Mariner and Jean Grey (of X-Men fame).

I personally always really liked Namor. He was bad, then he was good, then bad again. Always misunderstood, he was written better than Aquaman and probably worked well because he was more of a mystery than a lot of villians. I still don't understand why he got so hung up on the Invisible Woman, but eh to each his own I guess. Check out his WIKI for more.

This contest is pretty cool if you ask me. Activision looks to be making a great game too. It inculdes like pretty much EVERY Marvel character ever invented with more than 20 playable charcaters, and what appears to be a suped up version of the awesome X-Men Legends engine. See more on the game HERE. Anyhow, the contest is just that a contest. The winner doesn't technically get "paid", but they do win a copy of the game, a poster signed by Stan Lee, a pack of Ultimate Alliance trading cards (hahaha), and a trip to LA where they will record their lines and meet the game producers. Well, I know thats kinda cheap, but hey its pretty cool for a fanboy.

Check out the MUA Offical website for more entry details.

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