Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Lack of Funds Blues

I kinda hate the fact that I never seem to have any money. Its so amazingly lame. I know that I make fine money, I mean for a Joe Job it's fine, and I get great benifits, but I live and interact with all these people who are at just this other level of cashflow than me. It's hard to be at the lower end of cash with your friends. I end up like I am now, living for the most part to my means. I still do pretty much what I want to, but unless I budget really well, which I've always been terrible at, I'm not saving much at all.

Thankfully I have a fantastic and smart girlfriend who can help me figure out my money. And I am by in large starting to save something. But in terms of savings $1000 really isn't going to get me far in this life .... Anyhow, I know I'm getting somewhere; slowly. I guess I just hate it when things creep up on me, like they did this morning. Basically I realized that Hey I've only got like $60 for the next 2 weeks, and I'm off to Santa Cruz for a fun filled long weekend... gee that'll definately work out great.... (that's supposed to be sarcastic biatch).



Anonymous said...

biatch? Strange language... i think i missed this post first time out. I know the pain that is tighter purse strings than others around you. It's part of being an artiste biatch.


Chappy said...

fingers crossed, I think I should be getting a raise next week!

Damn straight Biatch!