Monday, January 12, 2009

BSG season 1

I have to say it, and I know I wont be alone here; but Battlestar Galactica is a fracking awesome show. I don't know why I never got around to it before now. I've had the first season on dvd for some time, and watched about 4 episodes then got distracted, as you do, and never quite got back to it. But I am VERY glad I did now. Event though Erica and I actually got Netflix for Christmas this year, we've started actually finding time to watch movies and tv again. Including dvds that have been sitting around for 2 years. Maybe its just that we're finally really starting to be settled into our new home, or maybe its just appreciating the lull before the baby storm arrives in a few weeks, but it has really been very nice. Of course we've both been super busy getting ready for the baby, but I'm glad we're finding time for some other stuff too.

As for Battlestar, well I know one or two spoilers, which I wish I didn't, but I don't really know too much, and I am definitely enjoying it. I do not know who is a cylon, so please don't tell me. we're just three episodes into season two now, and its getting better and better. I think I remember some people complaining that it didn't stand up to the test going into season 3 or 4, but for now, the show definitely has not disappointed. For my money the best characters are Dr Gaius Baltar, and Helio. Hopefully they last and don't get killed off.

If for some reason like me you never saw the show, I'd definitely encourage you to check it out. I'm a pretty big sci fi nerd and this is really wonderful stuff. Lots of drama, lots of action, with robots and political intrigue, and mythology built right in. Very fun. I'm hoping that we can catch up and get ready in time for the new show in the fall. I think I read its a prequel show.

Anyhow, I just thought I'd share.

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