Friday, February 13, 2009

On Hold... the return

Well it sure as heck has bee a while. But for anyone who remembers the fact that once upon a time I used to host a podcast with my buddy Devon called On Hold.... well those days are back my friend. We got sidetracked by life midway through last year (around the same time this blog went on hiatus) and I was unfortunately unable to keep up the cast until now. On Hold is back! We'd made it to episode 96 if you can believe it, and now with Devon and me back on track, our goal is to make it to episode 100 at least. Past that who can say, for now though let's just rejoice in the bounty of Episode 97...

Thanks to all the fans out there We do it for you!

1 comment:

Mike T said...

I never stopped believing. Loved the new episode and was psyched to hear about your new family. You actually might be close to adulthood now. I took a step there too and got married in December. Looking forward to the next episode!