Saturday, September 24, 2011

New TV Roundup - Whitney

Whitney is a show that stars comedian Whitney Cummings as a fictionalized version of herself dealing mainly with her relationship to her long term boyfriend. They are a happy couple who love and support one another but don't feel the need to get married. That said, fearing relationship boredom Whitney uses unconventional methods to keep their relationship interesting. This is played out against funny quips from her wacky (to varying degrees) friends and family, and of course a pretty chock full laugh-track.

Ok, so since there doesn't appear to really be any inherent conflict in the set up here, I'm taking it to mean that this show is a character driven story. But before I get into that I just wonder why exactly there isn't anything actually going on in this set up? Is it just me or is it odd that there's no big hook for this show? Unless its just hooked by Whitney's comedy... maybe that's it. It's just odd, because I feel like most sitcoms have some kind of twist, other than the generally neurotic nature of the lead. Feels like something might be missing from the get go.

So ok, its a character driven piece, and Whitney Cummings is an actress and comedian. Apparently she's been a known entity for a while now with roles on Punk'd, Made of Honor, Chelsea Lately, The Tonight Show, a few of the Comedy Central Roasts, and a bunch of more traditional stand up stuff. I however, like a few of you out there I'm sure have only just heard of her now, although I did see Made of Honor, I don't think Whitney had a very big part. Anyhow, I know shes having a great fall with this show, and creating / producing 2 Broke Girls, but I am really just not feeling it. I don't know that I want to go so far as to say that she isn't funny, but everything here is very heavy handed. The jokes may not be telegraphed as much as they are on 2 Broke Girls, but they fall into the same category of slightly played out, obvious, and sitcomey kind of gags. And like with 2 Broke Girls, they're mostly just not that funny.

I'll say that I laughed a little bit more here than I did with 2 Broke Girls, but I liked the characters better with that show than with this and would ultimately be more drawn back to that show over more Whitney. Other than Maulik Pancholy, who gets a pass from me for all his great work on 30 Rock, no one in this cast stands out as particularly funny. Whether its a problem with the delivery, or the writing I'm not 100% sure; I just know I don't really like it. One thing I'm really 100% positive on though is that I hate the friggin laugh track. It's the same issue as with 2 Broke Girls, just tone it down and it might really help.

Ultimately will I be back for more Whitney? No I don't think so. I only have so much time for tv, and this does not seem like something I'll get a lot of laughs from.

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