Monday, June 11, 2007

Animated Tcats

Well it looks like there was a bit of an internet miscommunication last week over the Thundercats movie. Last week it was reported that the classic 80s toon Thundercats was being brought to the big screen. Now while this is all true, it has now been clarified that the film will NOT be live action as reported but instead it will be an animated feature.

This is good news, I know I was a bit concerned with the prospects of a live action film. I mean can you imagine any stars wanting to actually dress up like a big cat??? I guess maybe they could... but it would definitely be a hard sell.

So good job Warner. Now just bring us something cool, that respects the source material, while updating it for a more modern sensibility, with lots of action, a story that actually progresses, with real consequences for the players, some good funny bits, a few inside jokes, and plenty of heart, and I'll be happy :)

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