Monday, March 16, 2009

the new face of SyFy

WTF?! I had heard that the Sci Fi Channel was changing their name. But I had also heard that it was because they didn't want to be so locked into the science fiction genre, or at least they didn't want that to be the perception. Why that should be a problem considering it so clearly defines an ever growing niche, is beyond me, but so be it. I had heard about this change a few months ago, and at the time the word was that Sci Fi was going to become Astound! Now being in california, I have to say, the first thought there, is wow, my old DSL provider RCN recently changed their name to Astound! I wonder if there is a connection... Probably not, because the Sci Fi Channel is now changing their name, and not to Astound! but in fact to .... SYFY.

I grabbed this image off of AICN, where it also mentioned co the official press release that "Syfy -- unlike the generic entertainment category “sci-fi” – firmly establishes a uniquely ownable trademark that is portable across all non-linear digital platforms and beyond, from Hulu to iTunes. Syfy also creates an umbrella brand name that can extend into new adjacent businesses under the Syfy Ventures banner, such as Syfy Games, Syfy Films and Syfy Kids."

oh boy. what a world have we come to... Feel free to check out the place holder / press release at and hey everyone... Imagine Greater.


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