Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tidbits of movie news

Here are a few headlines that I missed lately. Some good stuff here.

Michael Cera to star as Scott Pilgrim.

A Dragonball sequel has already been written.

Filming on Kenneth Branagh's directed Thor movie begins this July. No word on casting yet... but rumors are speculating on this guy...

Battlestar Galactica to the big screen? hells yes. oh wait... the original BSG to the big screen?! wtf?!?!!

Jeffrey Dean Morgan set to star in The Losers.

Should we start getting our hopes up for a Ghostbusters 3 finally? oh and Judd Apatow is NOT involved.

Now that Stephen Chow is out it looks like Michael Gondry may be in to direct The Green Hornet.

Another comic book property Suicide Squad is coming to the big screen.

Gore Verbinski will direct a new Clue movie.

Despite the studio really wanting Ryan Gosling, it looks like Anton Yelchin is now in the running for Green Lantern. Expect the Green Lantern film in theaters Dec 17th, 2010.

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is moving forward for a holiday 2010 release through FOX 2000 and Walden media.

Uber hottie Megan Fox in talks to play Aspen in the comic adaptation of Fathom, and the love interest in Jonah Hex.

the plot for Chris Nolan's next big film, Inception, a sci fi starring Leo DiCaporio is being kept under wraps.

oh the sorry state of Fury Road.... looks like Mad Max 4 may now ber coming to us as an animated film, and a video game :(

FOX is looking into a full reboot of the Fantastic Four franchise...

are we finally going to get another Riddick movie? I hope so.

ABC picked up rights to a 4 hour miniseries about a meteor hitting the moon causeing it to collide with the earth, called Impact. sweet.

Lots of great stuff there. I guess I miss alot when I'm so busy with work and family. Its really all worth it though. Oh and yes a lot of the links are from Latino Review. I love that site :) They have a kick ass archiving system for news stories. Check em out.

Until later all. Good hunting.

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