Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Two great new posters

Two awesome new movie posters have hit the web recently.

This first one is for the new one for Terminator Salvation. I have to say I am really stoked about this film now. At Wondercon this year for my work I had the amazing opportunity to meet and chat with a few of the stars behind the film, including Moon Bloodgood, Bryce Dallas Howard, Common, Anotm Yelchin, and director McG, who actually commented on my Leonidas-like beard and abs... watch the end credit sequence of the EP episode here :) Anyhow, check out the poster.

And the second poster which just hit the interwebs today is for the long awaited Where the Wild Things Are movie, which is still slated for release on October 16th, '09. Finger are tightly crossed on this one.

Ahh, can't wait :)

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