Tuesday, April 03, 2007

no more donnellys

So a bunch of the Networks decided to clean house yesterday. And for me at least, the most significant casualty is the new crime drama from Paul Haggis, The Black Donnelly's. Also chopped, the "God"-awful 7th Heaven (like that one you zealots? eat it sucka!), the re-tooled yet still boring Six Degrees, and the show I watched five minutes of and decided I'd rather be playing Wii, The Wedding Bells. These other shows I could really care less about, but losing the Donnelly's really annoys me. Its been a pretty complicated show I admit, but I felt like it was really building to something, and while admittedly it wasn't always great there were definitely moments of sheer Goodfellas-esque cool in every single episode. This was a show that was really doing something interesting and I'm very sorry to see it go. Also, especially because Olivia Wilde is amazingly hot and its a shame to see he leave my weekly airwaves :(

So what exactly is NBC thinking? I mean Black Donnelly's was basically taking the place of Studio 60. And we already knew that Studio 60 was coming back at some point, so was the future of the one show predicated on the demise of another? NBC should've just buckled up some balls and kept airing both. Not that I think Studio 60 has done anything to prove itself worthy, in fact, during its fall run it progressively let me down more and more each week, but Donnelly's was the kind of show that really could build a hardcore fan base. I just wish the studios would give decent shows a chance to grow. And I don't really have anything against Studio 60; I'd like to see it succeed. Its just that if it came down to a choice between the two shows I definitely would've gone with the one that looked to be building something really interesting, and challenging, as opposed to the disappointments everyone agreed Studio 60 delivered...

At least this past tv year brought us the excellent Heroes and Friday Night Lights. Two shows that have yet to disappoint and the studios have thankfully not screwed around with. Let's keep our fingers crossed that these shows at least can remain untarnished.

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