Wednesday, April 11, 2007

rambles and lamentations

So whats the deal? I haven't posted anything since last Thursday!?
I know, I know...Long time no talk.
But there really hasn't been much going on. I'm finally getting better from being sick, but it's been a slow process. After a week of having my left ear all blocked up, with maybe only 50% hearing I finally went to the doctor on this past weekend. And you'll never guess what the doctor did, well probably not, I know I was surprised at least. He reaches into a drawer and pulls out a tuning fork. then he hits it BOING... and puts it right onto the center of my forehead! Seriously I was well on my way to thinking this doctor (not my regular one) was a quack, and then as soon as he touches it to my head my skull starts resonating the sound, and my ear, man my ear just started ringing like crazy, as if I was at a concert with my left ear pressed against the speaker for the whole night.
So anyhow, I have an inner ear thing. I don't know if its an infection or what, but basically it was all filled up with fluid. I got some meds now, and am slowly coming back from the void.
Erica and I have been busy doing wedding stuff too. Finally got the invitations sent off yesterday. Everything is progressing smoothly, but its really coming on fast too. I'm getting very excited though. I know it'll be a great party. Oh and we had house guests for the past week. Which while always nice, takes up a lot of time.
Man this is a BORING POST... I should just stop it now.
But can I? I mean theres so much more nothing I can share with you....
For example I wanted to lament the fact that I haven't posted any new movie or tv news lately. Well, guess what? There really hasn't been anything of much interest lately. Oh sure theres always some random little tidbit hitting the net. But nothing really exciting. Info on most of the big summer movies is already out, the tv season is entering its last quarter before the summer, and news is pretty slow there too.
There's no Heroes on, Black Donnelly's has been canceled. And the shows I'm watching aren't even really interesting me that much. 24?! seriously, I mean yes its ok, but it tends to border more and more on the unbelievable. Also, now that Jack's found the nukes and rescued the world again, are they really going to give us a whole secondary storyline? ugh. I don't know if I can handle that. Lost.... well Lost has some problems. I think it was a much more enjoyable show to watch when I was just catching up on dvd. Dirt is over for the season, and I have to say meh, it was just ok. Yes, Friday Night Lights is great as always, but the season ends I think this week. And then there's stuff like Grey's Anatomy, and The Riches, both of which are slowly getting more and more bland to me...
Maybe its just me. Maybe I should concentrate on the fun things going on. I've been playing some more Wii lately. Picked up Medal of Honor: Vanguard, and despite it being waaaay to easy, have been having some fun with that.
Also, I've started working on a video project that assuming I can actually get my head out of my ass and put together in time for the deadline, should be really fun. More on that in due time though...
Yesterday I spent some time surfing YouTube trying to drum up some interest in the world around me again and I stumbled across some videos I thought I'd share. They go well with this rambled disjointed style post. Oh and go play this game to waste some time: Famousr... Enjoy


Anonymous said...

That Super Mario bit was truly amazing.. that beats anything that we've every managed to put together!!! And I got 35 on the Famousr game...I think ... maybe it was 25.... no, I'm pretty sure it was 35.

Chappy said...

Yes I've been watching a lot of those things lately. Just search for Speedrun on Youtube and you come up with a bunch of em. I've particularly been impressed with this Mario 64 Speedrun of 21 mins. Totally amazing.
My best on Famousr is 36, but i think some of their picks are questionable...