Thursday, April 26, 2007

Two New TV Shows

Well there is a bit of new tv out there these day, and really only more to come. Check out Metacritic's listing of when and where you can find all of the upcoming tv shows for the summer season. Personally the shows I'm most looking forward to are On The Lot, and Traveler. Oh, and I suppose the new season of Big Brother... (damn you angie). More on those shows in the coming weeks though. For now I thought I'd tell you about two new shows on the airwaves that I've recently caught.

The first is almost something I shouldn't bother with. Drive is the new big budget car racing 'cannonball run-esque' adventure FOX show. I'm sure you've heard of it by now. They definitely advertised it enough. Well, it's actually just been canceled so my review doesn't really amount to very much. But although it looked really I mean REALLY cheesy, it actually wasn't so bad. It starred your and my favorite hero of the 'verse Nathan Fillion, and a bunch of other people that we really didn't get much of a chance to know. But although a secret illegal cross country road race may sound like a corny 70s movie plot it actually somehow managed to be slightly engaging. Then again, maybe I'm just a sucker for a good car chase ;) If you want to check out Drive, at least for now you can still go and catch the first 4 episodes online over at The rumor has it that there are 2 more episodes that have yet to air and FOX might go ahead and throw them on the air sometime mid May. Oh well, once again opportunity lost. At least I didn't get attached.

The other show I've been watching is the Sci Fi original series (god that feel like a death toll in itself... ok expect for Battlestar Galactica), sorry, the sci-fi original series Painkiller Jane (wiki). This show stars the absolutely gorgeous Kristanna Loken of Terminator 3, L Word, and (the utterly horrible) Bloodrayne fame. This show is perhaps the most heavy handed television series in existence. It is full of beautiful people reading crappy 'emotional' and 'heartfelt' dialogue, then posing to look meaningfully at one another. It shows they really care in the way that only truly exceptional 'smell the fart' acting can... The production value, and I hate to say this, but the production value is totally Vancouver. I used to work in the film industry in van, and trust me I can tell when something has a low budget but is pretending it has a high budget. We get lots of night scenes, rain all the time, shiny wet streets (cause it adds to the effect), way too slow quasi martial arts fight scenes, flawed logic left right and center, and a few slightly futuristic, and/or asian looking pieces of technology and people. Trust me people, I know this, I worked on some truly epic Vancouver shows like First Wave, and Dark Angel. I mean don't you think people would notice that everyone in this world dresses like a Matrix reject... It's ridiculous. And while it's still fun and campy for brief brief moments, this show is really junky. It takes itself too seriously. God just listen to the narration by Loken, its so full of itself I can barely handle it. You might want to check out this show just to see how bad it really is, but I can't imagine you'll enjoy it.

So there you go, two totally useless tv show reviews... ack, I need some better stuff to see :(


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