Tuesday, August 14, 2007

is this Thor???

Call this a large rumor for the moment, but Comicbookmovie.com is reporting that the Norse god himself Thor may have been found, in Rome. Whether this is real or just a fanboy rumor spawned by the recent casting of Ray Stevenson as Punisher has yet to be seen, but the word on the street is that Kevin McKidd is going to be the Thunder God Thor.

While this actually seems like good casting, I think it really could be total bull. Especially because McKidd is already set to star in this fall's new time traveling genre show, Journeyman... Maybe they're just planing early for that show's demise ;) Of course, I'd love to see it succeed, but shows like that don't usually last. And Thor is a pretty hefty role waiting in the wings. All that said though this is definitely just a rumor for the moment. I'll keep hunting for more info as it is revealed. We'll know for sure soon enough.

Word is that the film's plot will be origin heavy. Which in my opinion is a mistake. I don't think you really need much to go into Thor. I mean, he's a Norse God, who controls thunder, can fly, and has a magic hammer. That's all you really need. I'd rather seen the origin revealed organically. And in my ideal version we wouldn't even see Asgard until the end of this first film. But that's presuming Thor will be a successful series of films, and of course it's just my opinion. The real details of the plot will be revealed in due time.


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