Monday, August 13, 2007

Sommers to direct G.I. Joe!

Finally it looks like this whole shebang is coming together! The culmination of all the banal 80s properties revamped for my consumerist generation has reached its pinnacle, as the Real American Hero himself, G. I. Joe is making the big jump to the silver screen in a live action film. I know I talked in some depth about this here before, and even speculated on who, and what the movie should be about, but seriously folks, hiring a writer is not the same as the big big news from today. As reports Hasbro has hired on a perfect director to helm the film: Stephen Sommers. As we all know Sommers is the man behind such cinematic opuses as The Mummy series, and Van Helsing. And while I admit most of those films have problems, I do think that they also have a bunch of really good style, and I like their sense of pacing and action.

Sommers brings pulp film experience, an obvious love of genre pictures, and a name big enough to garner a worthy budget to this film. I am honestly stoked about this news. Sommers also is dedicated to his work. I appreciate the fact that he has been involved in offshoots of his works, like The Scorpion King, Van Helsing: The London Assignment, and the Revenge of the Mummy ride at Universal Studios (which I went on and really enjoyed). I care about how G.I. Joe is handled and I want to see someone who I know is dedicated to his projects involved.

Speaking of IESB and their great reporting, it seems like they have the scoop on all things Joe, with more info and rumors on the script to be found here, and a major casting rumor of Mark Wahlberg as Duke, heroic leader of the Joes...

More to come on this soon...


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