Friday, August 03, 2007

The Spirit is cast

It was all the way back at last years SD Comic Con that they announced that acclaimed comic book writer and artist Frank Miller would be bringing an adaptation of the classic comic hero The Spirit onto the big screen, and since that time frankly, it's been rather quiet. Or maybe I just haven't been paying attention... regardless, the silence has finally been broken, Frank Miller has finished the script and cast his masked protagonist. And the winner is... Gabriel Macht!

I know practically nothing about The Spirit comic except what I've glanced over on Wikipedia. Apparently he started out as a cop named Denny Colt who either under mysterious circumstances faked his own death so that he could more easily fight crime, or was really killed and then reborn as the masked vigilante. I'm not totally sure which backstory is the correct one here. Although apparently his origin story wasn't referenced much if at all throughout the series, so it might not really matter. I know that this story will be based on a run from the 19050s called "Sand Saref", and "It's about the first love of Spirit's life, who has turned to a life of crime, and he has to bring her to justice." It is not an origin story, which is probably for the best. Origin stories are so often handled so badly. The villain in the film, the Octopus, will be played by Samuel Jackson.


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