Monday, August 13, 2007

Vaughn on Thor movie

According to Variety, Marvel has inked a deal for Matthew Vaughn to direct their live action film version of Thor, and I have to say I am quite happy. Vaughn is the man behind the excellent L4yer Cake and upcoming Stardust, he also produced Guy Ritchie's great films Lock, Stock..., and Snatch. So we know Vaughn can handle himself around an action film, and considering the buzz on Stardust I think we can say that Vaughn has a pretty good grasp of dealing with both fantasy comic books and a reverence for mythology. Which is absolutely perfect for something like Thor.

I'm interested to see where he takes it. No word on the script, the villains, or what I'm sure everyone is clamoring for, the actors who will be involved. But we're really at very early stages of this. I personally would like to see something more along the line of Ultimate Thor than the traditional old school one, especially in terms of origins. I mean wouldn't it be cool if we really weren't even sure he was a god until later on in the film, or even right at the very end. Retaining some of that sense of mystery, and keeping it in the real world more. I think people would really go for that. I don't really have any villian in mind that I think would be right, I really haven't read much Thor over the years, but I definitely intend to. He always struck me as a very cool character. And as for casting... well, I personally lean towards an unknown. But who knows, there's probably some great actor waiting in the wings that I've just never heard of, and he'll have been like one of the background actors in 300... that seems to be how it always works.

Whichever way it goes down, I am happy to hear this news. We'll definitely have to keep our eyes on Thor as it develops further :)


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