Thursday, August 30, 2007

Using Media to Promote Change

My passion is media, especially new media. I love this explosion of technologies and innovative new ways to entertain, and educate ourselves especially in web and interactive media, be it online games, artist owned music, podcasting, vlogging, micro-budget filmmaking and so much more.

The landscape of mass media is in a massive flux. Consumers are savvy and educated enough to know how things work now, and informed media consumers are seeing through the spoon-fed subterfuge of the powers that be. I firmly believe the future of media lies in not just consumer controlled, but consumer generated content. And I love to engage my media actively.

McLuhan said the “medium is the message” over 40 years ago now, and while in ways that still holds true, the context that frames that statement is fundamentally changing. Image may be more important than ever, but content is making its voice heard. It’s like people are finally waking from a dream, and it’s this brave new world that excites me. Technology and media are giving us the tools to write our future. That is my passion and what I am compelled to be a part of. Challenge the system and ourselves to be better.


This is what I just now entered into the Prego: What's Your Passion? contest. They're doing monthly drawings and are accepting essays of 200 words or less, or 2 minute videos. Hopefully next month I will have time to throw together a video entry. There is a monthly prize of $500, and a Grand Prize of $5000. The first judging period (of 9 total) ends tomorrow.

Can't hurt to give it a shot eh?


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