Thursday, July 20, 2006

Comic Con preview

Well the San Diego Comic-Con starts tomorrow (Official), and I am very excited. I love the con, and REALLY wish I was there this year. The show open officially tomorrow morning, but there was something of a preshow today and certain pieces of news and photographic evidence are already turning up on the web. I'm going to make an attempt to gather the juiciest and/or most interesting pieces of news (at least to me) and put together a con round-up for my next podcast. But this seems like as good a place as any to get my thoughts in order before that happens.

So first things first, there are a few pieces of film news that must be mentioned.

Latino Review, which is a very good insider movie news site claims to have as scoop from a very trusted source that the role of the Joker in the sequel to Batman Begins was officially offered to Heath Ledger yesterday. Read it HERE.

I'm actually ok with this I think, not that I think its a perfect choice, but I really like Ledger, and I think he's got some great acting chops when working with the right director. And really, Christopher Nolan is a great director. So I say if this pans out; let's trust him on it.

The sequel to Hulk has a director now, his name is Louis LeTerrier (IMDB) of the Transporter films fame. The sequel to the Hulk, entitled The Incredible Hulk (WIKI) and will be something of a reboot for the franchise that everyone feels got off on something of the wrong foot. I'm not sure if Eric Bana will be coming back as Bruce Banner, although I sure hope so. More info should be announced over the next few days. Read all about this story at Superhero Hype!

The guys over at Vanity Fair (I believe I heard) were the ones to break this story apparently a bit earlier than planned. Frank Miller, famed comic book writer and artist (I truly hate most of his art) will script and direct the iconic comic book character The Spirit to the big screen. He will first work with Robert Rodriguez though, on the next Sin City film (maybe two films if they go ahead with the back to back shooting that's been rumored). He is currently working on Post for his epic Spartan period war film 300. Anyhow, you can read about this also on the Hype!

Check out this awesome poster for the still slightly under the radar film Pan's Labyrinth coming to theaters this Christmas time. Everyone attending the Con can get a copy of this poster. Check out the art, etc. for this truly creepy awesome looking new Spanish film from Guillermo Del Toro HERE. And for the teaser trailer check HERE. I wouldn't be surprised if we see more from this film by the end of the weekend...

Speaking of sweet new trailers hitting the web Check it out everyone. Its finally here. Our first real look at the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles all CG film coming out next year (IMDB). Check the Trailer on HERE. I have to say I like it. Although I guess I might've preferred it being a bit darker I understand that they would want this to appeal to a mass audience, especially with the success of the current cartoon on FOX. The turtles look somehow a bit weird to me though, and maybe that's just because I'm not used to an all CG design. I will say the one thing that looks like its done really right in this trailer is how the turtles move. That was very sweet. hmm. I think I need to reflect on this a bit more before passing any judgment. Oh actually I just saw that they apparently already did the press conference on this flick. Mako is voicing Splinter!!! That's very very good. Peter Laird, the creator of the turtles, was very involved in the process. The story will fit in the previous films continuity (wow I'd better rewatch those). The villain will NOT be the Shredder. Check out this story Ain't It Cool News for more info on the Press conference and the 4 individual character one sheet posters.

Oh man, and you guys have to check out this spectacular trailer for Children of Men right HERE. This is a new sci fi film by Alfonso Curon starring Clive Owen and Julianne Moore, and well, it just looks really great.

Holy crap! Talk about great new trailers this film has me blindsided. I'd only even heard of it for the first time like a week ago. Check out this trailer for Renaissance HERE. Where the hell did this film even come from?! WOW!!!

At the panel for the new James Franco WWI film Flyboys, producer extraordinaire Dean Devlin apparently said that Stargate 2 and 3 films are in the pipeline still! These are apparently direct continuations of the original film and not the series. Crazy eh?

Doug Jones, who plays the creature in Pan's Labyrinth, at least in CG form (a la Anthony Serkis as Gollum) all but confirmed that he is indeed in talks to do the mocap work for The Silver Surfer in the new Fantastic Four film.

Quint did a nice write up on the Del Toro panel over at AICN. Check it HERE

Ok, I HAVE to go to bed now. Its way friggin late. I'm sure there will be like tons of new stuff tomorrow. I'll try to continue gathering it all up here. So if you trust me not to miss anything, stay tuned :) Later.


Laura said...

TMNT! i can't wait even though i have a strange and unexplainable attachment to the first live action movie. Children of Men and Renaissance, where have i been living? in a hole apparently. good trailers make me way too excited and so many are conveniently located in your blog for my disposal... i love it, thank you.

Chappy said...

Thank you Laura. Who'se the big winner tonight? It's Laura, Laura's the big winner...
you're money. Thanks.