Wednesday, July 19, 2006


So I checked out the pilot to the new Sci Fi Channel original series EUReKA last night and while I definitely wasn't floored, I will say that the show could definitely develop into something decent. In a nutshell its about a US Marshall, Jack Carter (why do all these protagonists have such cliched names?) who while driving his angsty runaway teenager daughter back home from across the country, gets stuck in the apparently sleepy little town of Eureka. Of course Eureka isn't you're average small town, it's really a specially planned top-secret community of scientists who are doing research for the betterment of mankind (or is it the US government?) and creating super advanced machines while exploring technologies of the future. One of these earth-shattering (literally) experiments has of course gone awry and now its up to the local sheriffs department to solve the crime. Of course they'll need the help of US Marshall Jack Carter, and the plucky Department of Defense hottie Allison Blake. It's Men in Black meets Northern Exposure without quite as much funny as MIB and not quite as much heart as NE. That said; I enjoyed it alright. I feel somehow like I've already seen this show before, somewhere.... maybe its just not that original. Anyhow, I'll check out another episode or two before passing any final judgment, everyone is likeable enough, and the set up is good. I just hope that after a few warm up episodes they can deliver something I haven't seen a million times before.

Check out the shows official website HERE.
Thank goodness for Sci Fi and their excellent policy of reairing recent shows. If you missed it the Eureka pilot will be reaired again this Sunday (the 23rd), and again on Monday before the new episode on Tuesday.

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