Monday, July 17, 2006

Jericho this Fall

So there's a new show coming out this fall on CBS that has me decidedly intrigued. The show is called Jericho, and it stars the younger not quite as pretty Johnny Depp look alike Skeet Ulrich. Basically as far as I can tell it follows the life of Jake Green (Ulrich) as he returns home from who knows where to his sleepy little town of Jericho. Before escaping the rather uncomfortable homecoming Jake is confronted with a mysterious cataclysm. Explosions rock the sky, and 'apparently' both Denver and Atlanta have been blown off the map. All radio signals are blanked out, and information is sparse in the isolated town. Tensions begin to rise as no one really knows the what, why, or how things are happening, but mysteries upon mysteries start building up and Jake must confront his dark past and find a place for himself in the brave new world.

At least that's how I would write it :)

Check out the official show site with a very interesting trailer HERE
Also, I like to keep an eye on for their coverage. You can find that HERE

I love shows like this, and you can count on me to be watching come September 20th (8pm). But after the unfortunate cancellation last season of both Surface and Invasion (which I loved), is there really room for something like this? I hope it's good, or at least good enough to last for enough episodes so everyone gets a chance to check it out.

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