Monday, July 17, 2006


Hey all, just back from camping, which was very fun. I did a 13 mile hike that was great. Now its Monday, and back to work as usual. Lame :( I did however get my hands on a very cool game. Beatmania from Konami. These are the same people behind Dance Dance Revolution and Karaoke Revolution. Beatmania is a DJ simulator, and it came complete with a peripheral controller for scratching. I played through the training levels and tried out a few songs, and Man it's tough. After awhile I did realize that the trick of it is definitely to let yourself get caught up into the beat of the song. Beatmania is a pretty good name for the game actually. The easiest way to play is to just go with the rhythm and follow the beat. I'd totally recommend you check this game out if you get a chance. It's actually in the arcades too. The controls may seem pretty tricky to get a handle on at first, but I'd say within 30 minutes or so I had at least the basics of gameplay down. Check out the controller.

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