Monday, July 03, 2006

SC update

just a quick update from the wonderful world od Santa Cruz. I hope everyone had (is having) a great Americanada Day! I'm totally "livin' it up" down here. Been hanging at the beach. chilling at the super swanky pad and generally enjoying the heck out of a great vacation. We supposedly had internet access here at the house the entire time, but really it only just started working properly today, so I thought I'd send a quick shout out down the cyber-pipeline.

I've been out running every day with Erica, and our friend Olivia. Today we went for an amazing (and long) run along the cliff up just past the fameous Boardwalk with the big old wooden roller coaster. The cliff was beautiful, and although there wasn't much of a break there were a lot of surfers out hanging in the water. The run was with Daniel who'se pic can be seen below as our Sailing buddy. It was nice to finally find an athletic activity that I could do alongside Daniel and actually keep pace :)

I've also been out roller blading very day! which is great cause I'm finally getting a pace, and I actually managed to teach myself to stop properly today; so at least I know that I'm not going to die out there on the street anymore.

Shit I've gotta run. Beer run to be precise. Hasta la vista kids. See you on the flipside (ie tomorrow) .Lates.

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