Monday, July 10, 2006

CA Extreme

So I'm about to go all nerdy on you Be warned... This past weekend I went with my buddy Jan to the California Extreme '06. In a nutshell it is a Classic Arcade Game and Pinball Machine Convention. And before you start judging me get a load of how much fun I had. Seriously, think about it. The show was a convention for people who love classic pinball and arcade games to come together with their personal collections and make all these great games available for everyone to polay and enjoy for a weekend. It was actually super fun. It's not about vendors trying to sell you things like a lot of conventions, or any kind of big, flashy austentatiousness, its just about the games. And they had a lot, like maybe two hundred, different arcade games and pinball machines there.

I've just finally gotten myself a Flickr page but unfortunately I can't see to get the flash Flickr badge to work in the blog So here's a link to the pics:
California Extreme '06

Above are some pics from the day. I went last year with my friend Joey but even more so this year I had a really fantastic time. It basically was one big hall with games everywhere. There were maybe 3 or 4 different vendors along one wall, yup that was it :) And then everything else was just playtime. All the games were on Free Play and you just payed an entry fee for the convention. We paid $30 for a one day pass. It was $50 for the whole weekend. And spent literally like 8 hours in there playing games. By the end I was pretty bug-eyed, but I still had a super fun time.

Favorites of the day included the pinball games - Elvira: Scared Stiff, Creature From the Black Lagoon, Doctor Who, Terminator 2, Star Trek: TNG, World Cup Soccer, and Tommy. Favorite arcade games: Point Break, Top Skater, Gorf, and The Irritating Maze...

You can see more about the annual show on their website:

That's all for me now. Check the photos though, they're pretty fun :)

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