Monday, July 10, 2006

Final Flickr test

Dr Who 02
An unforgiving but very fun game.

So I think I've got the layout set right, now my only issue is that I don't think I can adjust the formatting of this blog entry from Flickr. So the question remains, if I have to go into Blogger to set this stuff anyhow, why should I even use the "Blog This" function in Flickr...

Other than I guess I'll have to go to Flickr anyhow to pick up the proper photo URL... and I'll get that snazzy description etc, that is templated below each pic... ah damnit. I guess I'll have to stick with it. Although for regular photos (ie not mine) I may just keep blogging them as I have been. That is, down, then uploading them onto Blogger itself. But I guess thats limited too. argh, Where is my seemlessly integrated app that can do all of tyhe online crap together. Its annoying that it just doesn't exist yet. Cause trying to make all these programs work well together can be like pulling teeth, and it still never works the way you want. Not really.

PS - Well, Strike what I worte above I figured out how to adjust the formatting through Flickr. I just needed the right coding. So I guess maybe it isn't so bad. Although, I still keep wanting to call it Flixter by mistake. The sidebar flash badge as they call it, will link to all my public photos. Thanks for your indulgence... Later.

PPS - note to self - < align="justify">< style="font-size:85%;">content< /font >

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