Friday, July 14, 2006

on my radar

The Summer's only half over, but a lot of the big tentpole movies have already come and gone. August films are never as action heavy on the whole as June or Julys. While we're still awaiting some films with big popcorn potential like Snakes on a Plane the August films tend to bleed into more thoughtful thrillers or suspense fare. And that’s fine by me. Really, in my opinion the late summer early fall is actually the best time of year for films. Yes you still have some of the big summer throwbacks, Miami Vice, or Talledega Nights which I love but you also start getting films that start having better plots too. Not that all of these films fall into that "better plot category" but here are some films that I've got on my radar for the upcoming while (basically the second week of August until the first week of October)...

The Illusionist - a turn of the century magician (Ed Norton) uses his prowess to win the heart of a woman far above his social standing (Jessica Biel). Costars Paul Giamatti. (might not be as good as the other magician film coming in late October The Prestige with Hugh Jackman and Chrisitan Bale) - IMDB, Trailer

Beerfest - a comedy about two guys who go to Germany and join Team USA for a super secret underground international beer drinking competition. Brought to you by Broken Lizard (Super Troopers) - Official and Trailer - release Aug

This Film is Not Yet Rated - I hope you've heard of this one. It's a documentary on the MPAA. I hope it exposes those jackasses for the jackasses they really are. It's generated a fair bit of press so far, from the MPAA giving it an NC-17 rating, to the MPAA being busted on actually pirating rough cut copies of the documentary for distribution to their branch offices so they know not to help the guy when he shows up asking questions - IMDB

Crank - Jason Stratham stars as a hitman who awakens to be told that he has been poisoned. He has one hour to live, but he can stave off the poison if he keep his adrenaline pumping. So what does he do? Why he goes on a good old fashioned killing spree. It's all about revenge. Besides its got to be better than Transporter 2. IMDB, Trailer

Pathfinder - Karl Urban plays the grown up version of a Viking boy abandoned in America circa the 12th century who was saved and raised by Native Americans to be their warrior champion. As a man he must defend his tribe against the very Vikings who abandoned him. IMDB, Trailer

The Last Kiss - coming of age romantic drama starring Zach Braff. I doubt it'll be as good as Garden State but the trailer is really interesting. Trailer

Fearless - Let Li claims this will be his LAST action film ever. Is it true??? I doubt it, but it still looks good. Not Hero good, but good. co-stars Michelle Yeoh. IMDB, Trailer

School for Scoundrels - Billy Bob and John Header both star as guys trying for the same girl in a class. Honestly I wouldn't care what the plot was, I think this will be hilarious. IMDB

The Fountain - Darren Aronofsky made this passion project by pulling a lot of strings. It’s a sci fi starring Hugh Jackman as three different men in three different times, all searching for the fabled fountain of youth. The trailer is totally wacked out, and while this could be a flop, I'm very interested in it. And just look at the art direction of the trailer. From what I've seen It reminds me of classic Heinlein-style storytelling. IMDB, Trailer

There are so many other ones that I didn't even mention too. Like Hollywoodland, Flyboys, Accepted, How to Eat Fried Worms, Children of Men, and Sunshine to name a few. It's amazing how many good films are getting made. I really love it :) Hopefully these pan out and really are as good and fun as I'm hoping they will be. After The Fountain is around the time where we get a lot of into full blown dramas and the start of the Oscar release season. With of course the exception of the early All the Kings Men, and the later Babel. Ultimately we're really just going to have to wait and see what's what as we move into this really fun fall movie season. But these films might give you a start on the best, or at least most intriguing, of the upcoming crop.

I'm off camping this weekend, should be a great time off in the Redwoods. Have a great weekend. And if you're down with my podcast, Devon and I are planning a surprise early episode on Sunday afternoon. Till then, later.

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