Monday, July 10, 2006

Yet Another Flickr Test

Bare with me people.. A few things I cant seem to do through Flickr include formatting this writing here... which is annoying. I guess I'll have to go into Blogger afterall to change the extremely simple things like text size, and justification. That's annoying. I think I've got the link sorted out right, but man, what a stupid page it takes you too. Like If I want to show off my photo set I'd say the easiest view to do that in is a slideshow. Yet if you click on this picture here it will take you to an almost illegible Flickr page that while yes it does include two different links to a slideshow of either all my public photos or the pics fromk this set, they are tiny and super hard to find. Whats up with this. I mean Flickr is a popular site, with a very nicely integrated flash slideshow. Why aren't they showing it off?! Anyhow, I'd better post this to see how it looks...

PS - well I've already had to fix it like 3 times just so the test doesn't screw up the look of my blog entirely. One more try with a new post, then I'm done swear.

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