Monday, July 24, 2006

Comic Con Roundup pt2

A couple more things I've gleaned from reading about comic con that I thought I should share with you. Although admittedly this post might not be that interesting as I've already shared what I consider to be the most important info. So let's just see what else is there...

Well Daniel Craig confirmed that he's down for another James Bond film. That'll make number 22 in the franchise. I hope the new one's good, but I have some serious reservations...

Bryan Singer is still committed to a 2009 Superman returns sequel, and says the villain will be an alien. My vote goes to Brainiac, and NOT Doomsday. And if the rumblings are right it looks like Brainiac is the more likely candidate.

Guillermo Del Toro is looking for a home for Hellboy 2, apparently the move from Sony to Paramount is not locked down. And although the script is done and has creator Mike Mignola's approval they're still shopping it around.

Steve Sansweet head of Lucasfilm's Fan Relations said that the Star Wars Clone Wars animated series... the new animated series, not the ultra cool one from Gendy Tartakovsky, will hit the airwaves sometime in 2008, and suggested that the long promised live action series should be good to go by 2010... So friggin long with everything Star Wars.

I have to tell you The Henson company is one of the most interesting groups I've ever really heard of. I mean they do sooo much, and a lot of it is super cool, and even more of it you'll never hear of. At their panel at comic con they had Lisa Henson alongside the likes of Gendy Tartakovsky talking about his upcoming Film, The Power of the Dark Crystal (IMDB). Yes that's right, if you haven't heard of it yet, you have now. They're doing a sequel to The Dark Crystal. Check out the teaser poster to the left. Although it follows some of the same characters its really just another story set in the same universe as the first film. They also talked about something that sounds totally hilarious: Pupper Up! Jim Henson's Puppet Improv! - For Adults Only. Because really, adult puppet humor is awesome. Oh and they mentioned in passing that they are a long way off, but still starting to develop a Fraggle Rock movie!

A picture of Topher Grace as Eddie Brock aka Venom from Spider-Man 3 hit the web too I really can stand the pic though so I'm not going to post it here. You can find it at the Official site HERE. Just click on Enter - Desktop - Wallpaper (#2 I think). I'm honestly expecting Venom to look good, but I just feel that specific picture is very ugly and shouldn't be used for promotion.

Have you guys heard about this Hot Fuzz movie yet? It's the same guys who brought us Shaun of the Dead and centers around two fairly inept policemen. I suspect it will be hilarious, as really everything with Simon Pegg should be. I'll have to check out the vidcast they've been doing on it. Try to learn more... read more on HERE.

Oh here's one more tidbit for you, the X-Men 3 DVD will have a whopping 21 deleted scenes and 3 alternate endings!

Man there's really a lot more but that's all I think I'm going to get into here. Most of the other things I read online were more about people's impressions of panels, etc. There's more and more film news at the cons every year. I guess that's just how it goes. Next year I definitely plan to attend. If you're still interested go check out Ain't it Cool News, or Latino Review, or of course Superhero Hype!. I wasn't very impressed with CHUD. But hey, you can't win 'em all. And while I haven't listened yet, I expect the coverage of especially the comic book side of things to be up to the usual standards of excellence from the Comic Geek Speak podcast guys.

That's definitely all from me for now. I hope everyone else had a good weekend. Later :)


Angie said...

Eww, that picture is so gross. Okay, so I thought Venom was like an alien being that took over Spiderman's mind/ physical appearance. I didn't realize it was a completely different person. Could you explain this to me. I've heard this all second-hand from my brother. Have a great day Chappy, and I'm still jealous you got to go to ComicCon. My brother just found out he gets to go to GenCon.

Chappy said...

Hey Angie, Morning :) Thanks for the comment. Actually I didn't go to comic con this year, I went two years ago, and I plan to go again next year. I wish I was there, if only to hear the panel on podcasting which sounded great.

As for Venom, you're actually sort of right. In the comics there was an alien black ooze creature that spider-man used to create a new (black) costume when his got torn during a battle off-planet. The costume/alien worked with him, and made him stronger and better than ever before, although Spider-man thought it only had a limited consiousness. He soon realized that it was in fact a symbiote, feeding off his energies and emotions while giving him the additional strength etc. And it wanted to bond permanently to him! So Spider-man basically flipped out, I mean he would never be able to take the costume off again! Eventually managed to get the thing to detach itself from him but it almost killed them both. The symbiote was seriously pissed off that its host had just rejected him. Later the symbiote was found by a rival of Peter Parkers', another photographer (kind of a meathead jock type) named Eddie Brock. The alien symbiote ooze ended up bonding with Brock, and the symbiote who obviously knew Spider-man's secret identity drove Brock insane. This was coupled with an unfortunate series of events that mnade it appear as if Spider-Man had killed Brocks wife. So since Brock and the symbiote both hated Spider-Man they decided to go hunt him down, and eat his brain. Which I think maybe was some sort of freaky alien thing. Anyhow, the alien formed a sort of nightmare version of the costume he had once made for Spider-Man, and they became Venom. I'll be exceedingly surprised if that's the story they use for the movie though.

Angie said...

Very thorough. Thanks, that actually clears up quite a bit. So far the franchise hasn't been too horrible about keeping a similar story to the original. I'm sure we'll see something close. I'm not sure how he'll find the symbiote. I think since they've been trying to keep the storyline as close to reality as possible, minus the super heroes/villains, they might not go for the other planet thing. (I mean, it might be an alien, but Spiderman won't go to another planet). I wouldn't be surprised if it just infected Topher, and didn't come in to contact w/ Spiderman. Also, I feel like the new Green Goblin is taking care of the vengence portion of the movie, so Topher may just have had problems before. Only time will tell.