Sunday, July 30, 2006

SF Marathon - 5K

This weekend I ran a 5km as part of the SF Marathon. I'm really not at the level where I could even remotely think about doing the marathon, however I enjoy running a lot, and have been doing it since I quit smoking just over a year ago. I can pretty comfortably run for 35-45 mins, and my goal is to get to a stage where I could do a half marathon. Still 6 miles versus 13 miles is a big difference. :)

That said I finished the 5K in pretty good time, I also placed 71st overall!!! Hooray for me.

San Francisco Marathon - 5K

bib: 31017
Name: Geoff Chapman
Gender: M
Age: 28
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Place Overall: 71 out of 897
Men: 49 out of 315
M Open: 0 of 0
Age Grade: 53.01% Place 152
FINISH: 23:50 pace 7:41
Chip Time: 23:50
Gun Time 23:50

Seriously everyone, that's like me running basically my fastest the whole time. I don't even usually go that fast at the gym. Ok, that's all for now. Lates.

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Laura said...

impressivo. triple clap for you.