Thursday, July 20, 2006

my train hit someone!

On my train coming into work today, someone was hit crossing the tracks. I didn't see anything, but we stopped the train and they made the announcement saying there was a fatality. 'Cuase really when you get hit by a train, you're almost definately dead. BUT when they went out the guy was apparently still alive, so instead of calling the coroner (which apparently can take hours) they called an ambulance. Then the San Mateo Police Department came and took a statement from the Engineer. After only a 45 minutes or so delay we finally got back on our way. I didn't see what the front of the train looked like, but I'd imagine it wasn't too pretty. This was the bullet train, and we were going Very fast. Anyhow, it was definately an experience. I pretty much just sat back and waited, I was glad to hear that the guy survived, but I wasn't going to get overly emotional about it. There was one woman near me though who was getting pretty pissy about the sitch. She asked the train people twice is we could get off. I think she was late for a meeting or something. And the Caltrain staff were just like 'no, we can't let you off or do anything until we're cleared from the police.' the woman was an idiot. That's kinda bitchy eh?

So I'm at work now, but that was my morning commute. Kinda crazy.

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