Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Tyrese as a Thundercat?

While this isn't much more than a snippet of a rumor, its a good indication that things are still on the move for a planned Thundercats movie. If you'll remember, there is a film in the works for the coolest kitties on Third Earth. Last we heard the movie has a draft script, by Paul Sopocy, and a director, Gears of War game helmer Jerry O'Flaherty, although it's still at the early stages of development and is sure to change as things move forward. The movie was announced by Warners as a CG property with an eyed 2010 release. Of course we can't know exactly what is still true on the film front, but at least we're getting a bit more. And its from the unlikely source of Transformers actor Tyrese Gibson.

In a recent interview Tyrese stated that he is in negotiations for the project and while he wouldn't confirm anything, he indicated that there are a number of options in terms of what role he would play. Whether this means a voice over role in a animated film, or a live action part is unknown, but he suggested that we should get more information soon.

Of course the obvious guess for a part is Panthro. Is that racist... I think especially if its an animated film though it really wouldn't matter who he plays. I think this is a good sign regardless. Tyrese needs another good action film, and anything that bring the Thundercats closer to cinematic reality is a good thing. We'll just have to wait and see if this develops into more than a rumor.

For the latest info and more on the planned Thundercats movie, check out The Thundercats Lair message boards. These really guys know what they're talking about.

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