Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Venom movie

Well it looks like Avi Arad was right. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Venom the brain eating, symbiotic, psychopath alien from Spider-Man is coming to the big screen. A script apparently has being written by Mean Creek writer / director Jacob Estes, but SONY is reportedly looking for other writers to tackle a new draft. Also interestingly the studio is apparently not sold on Topher Grace as the Eddie Brock / Venom character. I think, despite the poorly written character in Spider-Man 3, the issue definitely was not with Grace's performance, so I would hope he in fact stays in the role. I'd definitely like to see him become a bigger star.

Whatever happens though I'm sure well get more on Venom as it develops, and as suggested by LR, why not tie it into the proposed Spider-Man 4, currently slated for summer 2011? We'll see how Sony deals with this though, as I'm sure it'll be a tricky movie to bring to life.

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