Wednesday, August 06, 2008

X-Men First Class planned

It seemed destined that we'd get another entry into the X-Men universe of films. But who would've thought this newly announced one would be it. X-Men: First Class is now rumored to be in development at FOX, with Zak Penn at the helm. If true, the film could follow the 2006 mini-series which featured a version of the original X-Men team in all new stories packed with cameo appearances. The team in the miniseries specifically included Cyclops, Beast, Marvel Girl, Angel, and Iceman, although I wonder if perhaps this film would instead follow the film universe's continuity of characters in their early adventures. I suppose that would really only necessarily exclude Angel from the mix, but maybe we can get a young Storm or someone to replace him.

This is good news if true. I'd really like to see a young version of the X-Men. Maybe with a slightly less convoluted story than the grown up X-Men films. Hopefully this will all pan out. More on this as, and if it develops.

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