Monday, August 25, 2008

New Job

Where the heck has the Adventures in a Strange Land blog been of late? I think the term woefully neglected might even be applicable. Well, I've been pretty crazy busy lately and I thought now would be the perfect time to stop by and let you all in on the great news.

I got a new job!

I know I know. I don't normally talk about my job specifically here, unless its been to express my utter frustration at it. Well I'm hoping all thats over now ;) I've left behind the doldrums of being a lowly office monkey, and have truly entered a brave new employment world.

I'm doing camera work for a tv show! AWESOME I know!!! And even more, the show is really cool. Back when I was working in the film industry I got to work on a few really sweet projects like X-Men 2, and A Very Muppet Christmas, but those were only for a few months. This should be a continual rush of fun, geeky coolness as I'm going to be shooting for The Elctric Playground.

The show is a news and interview show that at its core focuses on video games, but also covers anything that appeals to the gamer culture. Meaning comics, tech, music, and just plain cool stuff. And I am their camera operator for the SF area. My colleague here Jose 'Fubar' Sanchez, is the on camera guy locally, so if you ever see the show from now on most of the stuff he's in from here in the bay area will have me behind the camera.

Its truly awesome news for me. As anyone who knows me will attest I have been struggling in a job that wasn't right for me for far too long. I think this is an amazing opportunity and I intend to make the most of it.

So I'm sorry if the blog has been, or may be in the future a bit lacking. For right now at least, I need to put my head down and focus on learning the job, and doing my best.

Wish me luck everyone. Oh and if you like the show can be watched at It's also on tv in Canada on G4/Tech tv daily, and weekly on CityTV. The US distribution deal hasn't come together yet, so just check it online for now.

Thanks for understanding the lack of posts people, but this is worth it :)


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