Thursday, February 15, 2007

Aliens: War Games

Well I'm not too sure about this overall. But AICN had an interesting post about this proposed micro-series being set up for FOX. Nothing is definite, and after you read the AICN article and check out the film you will probably know why. Sure everything sounds great... but is it?

Aliens: War Games is, as far as I can tell, a pitch for a Clone Wars style micro-series (2 minute interstitial style episodes) in the Aliens universe. While initially the obvious reaction to this is fuckin-a rights!!! have a look at some of these designs.

The project is being put together by a company called Bluefields Creative. Go check out the semi-animated pitch reel for this project on their website here. Just click on the Animated Boards link. My honest reaction as soon as I drop the fanboy crap is firstly that 'woah, can they really make a cool hardcore Aliens show for tv and not screw it up'? I mean is there really any way that the Aliens won't be totally washed out and bland... we can't upset the overprotective parents in the audience. And by de-fanging the critters, aren't we denying some of the basic badassedness of them? think about it. Of course, that's not a given I suppose. Maybe there's a way to do it so that the aliens are still bloodthirsty and hardcore, I don't see it, but maybe. My second worry though, is I think, even more justified. What's new about it? Really; what's new? Simple as that. Cause I really like the first 3 (yes 3) films, I've read a few of the comics, which are amazing by the way, and I've read maybe 6 or so of the expanded universe novels, which are crap by the way, and I've got to say for the most part the Alien franchise has not lived up to it's sizable potential. I think we can really all agree on that too. I don't like being an apologist, I like AVP for what it is, I don't want to see the series die; but I want something new. Some re-invigoration is sorely needed and from what I can tell from what I see here, this project is really just more of the same. Sure it'll be cool to see the Space Marines and Aliens all toonified, but where is the story going? Are we talking Starship Troopers style? Because while I seriously love that property I would MUCH rather see the Alien story go the way of The Forever War. Which by the way, definitely itself needs to be put on the screen one day. This on the other hand appears to be going the easy, 'hollywood' route; and I find that troublesome.

Anyone else out there have an opinion on this? What is really needed to resurrect this franchise, and could this be it? What do you think about a cartoon Aliens? And can they possibly make it as dark as it should be on network television? Thoughts? Comments?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

So, I went and looked at that video - the animated board. The first minute or two were great, but when the moved to the characters I was totally let down. Really... I understand that this new animation is meant to be uber stylistic and super edgy (or something like that) but I don't think that it's going to go down in the history books as particularly inspired or long lived.
I do think that they could make this series work, but in order to do so it has to retain the acid-dripping, bone-crunching atmosphere of ALIENS ..... dump those cutesy butsey "newbie" marines.
As to where they can go with the series in general... I've been thinking that they should do what everyone seems to be doing with everything else. Go back and do the creation myth of the series. Either starting pre-Alien or by doing a remake of Alien with a few tweaks (aka make it more 'badass!!!' as Pvt. Vasquez would say).
No matter what they decide, I will be sad to no longer see Sigourney in the role.