Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Heroes is sweet

I've really been enjoying Heroes these past few weeks. Its all the big build up to what I expect will be a great end of the season. I'm liking what I see, even if sometimes the execution isn't perfect. Case in point, in both last week's episode Run!, and last night Unexpected, Ando (James Keyson Lee) did a pretty piss poor job of acting his little side quest storyline. It was totally wooden, and just naggingly annoyed me. In fact the entire Hiro / Ando story is a bit lame at the moment. That's a real shame considering it was definitely one of the strongest during the first half of the season, and one of the main reasons the show became so popular. Maybe that just gets on my nerves because I generally think of Ando as one of the better characters in the show. That said, some of the other characters are starting to really come into their own. Considering it's a large an ensemble cast with complicated individual stories, Heroes is definitely doing a decent job of progressing everything in turn. If you missed last night's episode and care about this stuff I'm going to mention a spoiler or two now, so either go watch it here or just stop reading now if you don't want to know.

I was really happy and not actually surprised at all to see Simone die at the end of the episode last night. her character has been annoying me for a long time now, and was potentially going to bog down the very interesting Peter storyline. On that note, I'm loving the Peter / Claude storyline. Christopher Eccleston is doing an excellent job, and I LOVED the escape scene where Peter did something unexpected last night. Sylar is also quickly becoming one of my all time favorites. With him constantly gaining more and more power and on the other side Peter taping into all these new abilities, I think that the next time they meet we'll definitely see a kickass fight.

I'm really excited to see next week what happens with Matt, Ted and Mr. Bennet (aka H.R.G.), I just hope people start to get their true allegiances sorted out soon. I want to know who is going to end up as a good guy and who will be bad. My prediction is that Nathan will turn really bad at some point. He'll cross the line, maybe even kill someone, and not be able to turn back. Even though he will end up fighting against his brother. Especially since he's already been bought off by Mr. Linderman (newly cast with the incomparable Malcolm McDowell), I don't see how he can get around it. Although with that of course, you have to wonder... if Jessica is being paid by Linderman as a hitman, why is he sending her after Nathan who he recently invested so much money in? ah, questions, questions... At least with Heroes I know we'll get some answers soon enough.

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