Tuesday, February 27, 2007

some Heroes speculations

After last night's excellent episode of Heroes, entitled Company Man I had a couple of questions and thoughts to share... This post is totally SPOILER FILLED. So stop reading if you don't want anything given away. Also, if you don't watch and follow Heroes you'll probably find this totally confusing. If you missed the episode you can watch it online right here.

Ok, so firstly who does The Haitian really work for? He said he answers to "someone important in Claire's life", but who has more authority than HRG? Who could that be? Obviously it's not her biological parents, as they didn't even know she existed... Maybe a long long biological brother or some other relative? Just a guess...

It was a total shock to see Hiro's dad as one of the big shots behind The Company. What's his involvement in this? Why would he be tracking these specials? Does this mean Hiro, like Claire, is adopted too? Was he waiting for Hiro to manifest his powers too? Or maybe are the powers really genetic and he has powers of his own...That seems more likely, considering Claire and her parents, and would provide a good reason for him to want to be involved. But then does that mean Hiro's sister also has powers? And since Hiro's father at least knows about super powers, wouldn't he suspect that Hiro has some considering how he's been acting?

How did Thompson know what was going on in the house? Why did he show up when he did? Maybe he was alerted when Claire's brother called the police. Or maybe he has HRG's house under surveillance. But why was he so stupid as to shoot Ted? Wouldn't he have read the police report and know what Ted's power was?

Who was Claude hiding from The Company? also where has Claude been for teh last 15 years? Presumably he hasn't been living on the streets of New York since then...

What's the significance of the Deveaux building in New York? I mean the exchange of baby Claire, Isaac's apartment, AND Claude's sanctuary with the pigeons. That seems a bit too coincidental.

Where is The Haitian taking Claire now? and man, wasn't that a great end for the episode. HRG is soooo cool. What a fantastic and touching moment. I think that Claire would want to probably go try to find Peter, but I think The Haitian will take her to his higher up person.. oh hey, just a thought, but what if Nathan really does know about Claire, What if he always knew about Claire and he is really the man behind The Haitian... that might be a bit too complicated. Still might be interesting.

Finally what do you think will happen to Ted and Matt? Will Matt become HRGs new partner? In a way I hope so. Those guys had a great chemistry on screen. Will HRG even be put back in the field? I mean do you think Thompson really trusts him? Cause I don't think so. And now without The Haitian to wipe everyone's minds, how can ever expect to contain the story?

Will the world really learn about the Heroes? I think so, and soon.

Last night episode showed exactly why I love the show. This is the best kind of television. The kind that makes you really want more.


Angie said...

People are speculating that Claude and Deveaux were working together, and that Deveaux had something to do with the same organization as HRG. It would make sense because I doubt it's a coincidence that Peter worked for Deveaux.

Also, I didn't realize this until I listened to my Heroes podcast, but aparently Thompson mean to shoot HRG, and hit Ted by mistake. I'd have to go back and watch again, but I'd take the podcast's word for it.

And I hope you know that I agree that Heroes is one of the best shows on TV today. I know it's great because every episode is better than the last. And as usual I'm dying to see what happens next week. Have a good one!

Anonymous said...

Okay so I'm a bit behind the times and only watched ep. 17 tonight... but I have to say that I'm getting totally hooked.
Unless I'm mistaken I do at least have one answer for you. HRG called Thompson, while he and Matt were at the paper factory, and put the blame on the Haitian... as well, Angie, I think we can assume that Ted was meant to the be Thompson's target because he screams at Thompson "No don't, you'll set him off!" (These are the benefits of having the episode on my computer .... :) ).
I do think that Matt will become HRG's partner...afterall he needs the money!!
And where is Claire going? Not to Nathan I should think...he's too stupid, and would be to good of an actor if he can feign his ignorance to people having powers and all that.
Finally - I like the Claude/Deveaux connection.... and hope to see more back story on him as time progresses.