Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Corddry is a Winner

So I just saw Daily Show alum Rob Corddry's new tv show. It's a traditional style sitcom on FOX, called The Winner. I've seen two episodes so far and I have to say its not too shabby. Even though I generally have really stopped liking almost all sitcoms, there is no denying it when something is just plain funny. So yes, while the more conventional trappings of the show, like the god awful laugh track, does get on my nerves, there is a level of quality comedy that I can't help but enjoy. That's not to say the show is perfect but it definitely has its moments.

If you liked Corddry on The Daily Show I think you'll like this. His same kind of offbeat humor is abundant here. Like Colbert and Carell before him, Corddry has a quirky sense of humor that makes his new project work well for the most part. There's not much to say about the show really... I mean its a sitcom. This one follows Glen who in the opening credits informs us that today he is the richest man in Buffalo NY, but it wasn't always that way. From There we enter the meat of the show, back in 1994. And I really think that the show being a period piece makes it work better. I don't know if its intentional or not, but I feel like maybe some of the "sitcom antics" are really more of a crack on traditional sitcoms, than a joke unto them self. But maybe that's a bit too Meta. Anyhow, the rest is pretty straightforward, Glen lives with his parents even though hes a 34 year old virgin. He works at a video store, and his best friend is the 14 year old boy next door, whose mom he has a crush on. He's a total goof with the ladies, and overall just socially retarded. Making for a number of foolish predicaments especially with women. Not much else you need to know, I liked it, but I'm glad I saw more than just a single episode to warm up to. The closest thing I might liken it to would probably be Chris Elliott's 90s show Get a Life. I really loved that show, and while this isn't quite as zany or implausible as that show was I could honestly see it catching on; at least in a cult comedy niche. Also, the show comes from creator Seth MacFarlane of Family Guy fame, so I'm sure it'll have at least some strong initial support through those fans.

What do you guys think? Go over to the Family Guy website and you can watch 4 full episodes of The Winner right now. I'd still like to see the pilot as it might explain more about the character as a rich man in the present day, but its unfortunately absent from this batch. Regardless though, its not too hard to follow along ;) The show officially premieres on FOX on Sunday, March 4th.


Angie said...

OMG! The next episode of Lost is totally named after your blog! (Stranger in a Strangeland) j/k, I know it's a book. I'm having On Hold withdrawal. Where are you guys!?

Chappy said...

Hey Angie,

That pretty sweet, and thanks for the heads up. I might geta few more hits.... hmmm.

Anyhow, just so you know "Stranger in a Strange Land" is not from me. It's one of the most famous sci fi books ever written. It's by Robert Heinlin. And I'd really recommend it to everyone. It's one of the books that made science fiction really mainstream back in the 60s, and crossed genres to become a huge bestseller and is argued by many to be the best science fiction book ever written.

Check the WIKI for more or just go to any second hand book store and pick it up. Its a really great read. You can really feel the 60s counterculture spirit in every page.