Friday, February 23, 2007

Check it out

A friend of mine Kelly has a really great blog that I'd like to recommend. And not just because she's offering a Zune to one lucky blogger that links to her, honestly Kelly has a great blog that I enjoy immensely.

It's called A Yoga Coffee Outlook, and while she may not talk about comic books, and sci-fi films, she still somehow manages to entertain me. In fact, it's probably the lack of geek topics that draws me to Kelly's blog. In some ways she's totally different than me. At least technically I believe she's a republican. She plays lots of poker and seems to thrive on the challenge of gambling. She has some views on relationships that I'm pretty sure I totally disagree with. And really I don't think we live on the same planet when it comes to money. Frankly, I would probably never get along with her in real life.

But Kelly is totally true to herself. She's honest and sweet. Her blog is heartfelt and funny. Sometimes I roll my eyes while reading it, but I am always entertained, and I always keep reading. So you should definitely check it out. Might be for you, might not, but it can't hurt to click the link below and have a look.... also you might just win me a Zune :)

Kelly at A Yoga Coffee Outlook is giving away a Zune MP3 Player

PS - I like my Zune in Chocolate


Anonymous said...

You Zune whore.

Chappy said...

she did ask...

K said...

You roll your eyes? Oh now I'm hurt. :P