Thursday, February 15, 2007

Overseas adventure

Hey all, long time no talk :)

I had all the best of intentions of letting everyone know last week, but got too wrapped up in all the prep work to manage a post. Sorry, about that. But the good news is that I've just returned from a fun filled super exciting vacation abroad to England. Yup it may have been short, only 5 days, but it was sweet. I've never been to England before, and I have to admit, I loved it. Officially Erica and I were there for the wedding of her cousin Iain, which was out in Gillingham, Kent (about an hour outside of London) but we also got to spend an all too short 3 days in London.

It was really a great time, I loved London cause there was just so much going on. So much cool history everywhere, and just a great atmosphere. It reminded me of some of the best parts of New York. Sure there were some weird things, like the fact that everyone seems really unhealthy, eating crap food, and drinking non stop, but just getting to finally see all the places I recognize from Doctor Who made it all worthwhile.

I'm just getting back to a regular sleep schedule, and finally starting to be caught up on day to day, wedding, and work stuff so hopefully I should be getting back to posting on all sorts of regular, fun stuff again very soon. Until then, stay cool...

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