Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Black Donnellys

There is an awesome new NBC show that starts next week that I want everyone to check out.

It's called The Black Donnellys and follows four brothers in New York who get mixed up with the mob. It's set in modern times, and is kinda like Goodfellas or A Bronx Tale, but with some nice filming techniques that remind me a bit of say... Usual Suspects. The show was set to premiere on March 5th, but NBC has recently decided to put Studio 60 on hiatus (perhaps permanently?) and bring the Donnelly boys in early. So please set your Tivos to February 26th right after Heroes and check out this really very stylish new show. I saw the full pilot episode on a Netflix exclusive preview dvd for this second half of season one of Heroes, and really loved it. I will be more than happy to see this take the place of the lagging Studio 60. Check out an official preview for the show over at, or just watch this trailer off YouTube below.

Amazingly, the series is based on, or at least inspired by, a true family of Irish immigrants to Canada, called Donnelly, who ended up getting involved in a horrible blood feud that became quite famous over the years. The show is being brought to us by Paul Haggis of Crash fame.

Don't forget, it actually starts Feb 26th...

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