Monday, September 24, 2007


This morning I had a little accident at the workplace.

Firstly, you should know I have a lava lamp on my desk. Don't ask why, it''s just there. Secondly, this morning I arrived to discover that Telecom did not put the wires away or clean anything up when they installed our new phones over the weekend. So I came in to find the tower of my computer laying out on the floor, and it was as I tried to push it back in place that the incident happened. For posterity, here is an artist's representation of the events exactly as they occurred.

My boss made me go to the hospital which was probably a good idea. No concussion thank goodness. But I do have a big bump on my forehead now :(

Mondays are no fun.


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Cecile said...

Sorry for the "BONK" Geoff, It seems that it hurts. But I'm proud of you, the lamp lost the battle against you and broke (looking at the drawing).... The good side of the event is that I like the cartoon a lot :-)