Friday, September 21, 2007

Star Wars on the small screen

TV Guide recently conducted a very good interview with George Lucas where he talked about a number of things including the future of Star Wars; specifically the new Clone Wars cartoon, and the HIGHLY anticipated live action tv series. I'd really encourage you to go read the 2 part interview (part 1, part 2). Or if you just like the SW highlights, please read on...

And please forgive my paraphrasing :)

The Clone Wars cartoon:

- It takes place between Episode II and Episode III
- Expect dark, sophisticated, and PG-13
- They're making 100 episodes total (they're on 40 now, and plan to have 50 or 60 done by the time it goes to air)
- They hope to have it on the air next Fall (ie in one year)
- They're shopping it around, but it will have to be on after 9pm

The Star Wars live action series:

- Scripting will begin in October/November
- It takes place between Episode III and Episode IV
- Follows some minor characters from the films, and makes them central
- No jedi, no Vader, it's much more about the regular people of the universe
- They plan to do 100 episodes total
- They are planning on shooting and producing themselves (ie without network help) then selling them once they're done (IMO a very smart idea)

Also worth mentioning: George is a big fan of Rome, and Jon Stewart.... somehow that doesn't surprise me.

Its a very fun interview, and enlightens a few details about the new Star Wars series' that we didn't know yet. I'm sure there will be more to come on both these shows in the months ahead. I'm definitely looking forward to it.


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